Is it time to book in for a feather touch brow consultation?

March 08, 2017

Here are just a few reasons why booking a me clinic consultation with our Feather Touch Brow Practitioner, Anthea, is worthwhile.

  • You can try before you buy; see what a new brow would look like on your face.
  • We give you a professional perspective on how your brow can complement existing features, however the final size, shape and colour is approved by you!
  • You…

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Beauty Booster - Dermal Fillers for your skin

March 07, 2017
Is your skin loosing volume? At me clinic we are always interested in the latest, and safest treatments to enhance the appearance and health of your skin.

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How much does Otoplasty or Ear Pinning cost?

February 28, 2017

If you are considering undergoing Otoplasty Surgery, you will first need to get an understanding of what it involves, what it’s likely to cost and how effective the procedure is. At me clinic we can help!

What is Otoplasty Surgery?

Otoplasty Surgery, also known as Cosmetic Ear Surgery, Ear Pinning, Ear Pin back or Ear Reduction Surgery, is a procedure that allows you to decrease…

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How much do dermal fillers or lip injections cost?

February 21, 2017

The ageing process is inevitable. After years of squinting, laughing and frowning you may have started to notice deep lines and wrinkles, also known as ‘expression lines’, developing around your eyes and forehead.

You may also have noticed a loss of facial volume. This is largely due to a reduction of collagen in our bodies which starts around our mid-twenties. Around this age, most people…

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Thinking about Liposuction? Find out the facts.

February 11, 2017
While a sensible diet and regular exercise is always the best way to get the body you want, sometimes it just doesn’t cut it. When you’ve done all you can to achieve the look you want naturally and it hasn’t worked, it may be time to get a little help targeting those stubborn areas, which, defy your every attempt to eliminate.

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Not all men like Boobs

February 06, 2017
Gynaecomastia can cause emotional discomfort and may affect a man’s self-confidence. Some men may avoid certain physical activities or intimacy with others to hide their condition. Many men suffer with this problem needlessly which can be easily corrected with Liposuction.

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Bonnie & feather touch brows

December 23, 2016
I run my own business so finding time every fortnight to visit the salon and have my eyebrows waxed, tinted and growth serum applied is a challenge.

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Michelle's top three skincare products for Summer

December 09, 2016
Summer has finally arrived! Here are Michelle's top 3 skincare products you need to keep your skin looking at it's best this summer.

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Top 4 injectable treatments for men

December 08, 2016
Our aesthetic nurse, Mike discusses the top 4 injectable treatments for men.

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8 Facts about Liposuction

October 27, 2016
Here are 8 interesting facts about Liposuction.

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