The Scoop on Cellulite-Smoothing Solutions

May 02, 2013

Most of us have been self-conscious about cellulite - in fact, 90% of women have it regardless of shape, size or age. But the orange-peel effect doesn't have to come between you and your confidence.

From treating cellulite to keeping it at bay, here are a few things to consider so you can spend more time by the pool this summer, and less time worrying about your appearance.

What is cellulite?

A good way to describe it is a collection of fat cells trapped in the connective tissue below the skin. Surface pucker is the result, but it's not common before puberty, and instead of affecting men and women equally, it's more common in women, no matter what their body mass index or weight.

What causes cellulite?

Dimpled-looking buttocks, thighs, abdomens, and hips - they're the most common areas affected by cellulite and often the most troublesome to those prone to it. While hormones, clothing, diet, and lifestyle factors are partly responsible for its cottage -cheese appearance, sometimes genetics can contribute, too.

How can I reduce the appearance of my cellulite?

For cellulite reduction at home, creams combined with eating a nutritious diet, maintaining a healthy body weight, and taking regular exercise are a common treatment for reducing its appearance. Natural or alternative therapies such as massage or wraps are also options. Mesotherapy for cellulite involves a non-surgical approach too, including spot treatment of problem areas, to eliminate any unwanted fat.

What is the latest in cellulite treatment?

A new non-surgical option for taking care of cellulite is Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) - it's a treatment that causes the connective tissue to stretch, which increases its elasticity. It can reduce the fat cells in the area treated as well. We are one if the first centres in Australia to have this machine because it holds much great promise to the treatment of cellulite.

To discuss smoothing your cellulite drop by for a friendly, professional consultation.


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