Why are Professional Laser Centres more Expensive than Beauty Salons for Hair Reduction?

May 30, 2013

Laser Hair removal is fast gaining popularity due to the long lasting effects and convenience it places on your lives. The industry has seen a sharp rise of centres that claim to offer pain free treatment with 100% permanent hair removal at very cheap rates. But let's face it, no clinic, no matter what strength or type of laser can ever guarantee 100% permanent hair removal.

It is not difficult to be enticed by low prices and claims if you're not properly informed of the pros and possible side effects of the treatment on the skin. According to the Australian Medical Association, it is illegal to make such claims. However since it is not possible to put a regulation on who can buy medical laser equipment or acquire training for hair removal, you are put at risk.
Smaller beauty salons that boast of offering laser treatment at rates that are much less than industry standards conveniently ignore the need to protect the sensitiveness of skin from undue exposure to laser beams and are often not able to deal with all aspects of the treatment. For example complications. Are they equipped to deal with the side effects and complications should they arise? Be sure of the laser therapist's qualifications and experience.

How to find the right laser treatment clinic?

Finding a well qualified laser professional or clinic is one of the most important aspects of getting laser hair removal done. Each year hundreds of new centres pop up across the country claiming to be the best service providers and it can be a tough task to select the one that will work for you.

A knowledgeable and well trained physician can ensure your hair removal experience is well worth the investment whereas an unqualified person using inadequate lasers can easily damage your skin.

Finding a centre that offers and practices the finest techniques is very much similar to shopping for an expensive gift. The best way to do it is to take your time, look around, and ask others. Word of mouth is often the most reliable source as they have experienced the treatment first hand and by observing the reactions of previous patients, you will immediately learn about the quality of care that the medical centre provides.

Most good clinics these days enforce a consultation where they assess the hair density and hair colour. These steps are vital in ensuring that the strength of the laser can be adjusted to suit your skin type and hair colour. A treatment program that cannot be individually tailored often causes the most damage. At The Me Clinic, we often come across patients who have made the mistake of going to less qualified centres, which not only expose their skin to non-approved technology which can also cause extensive damage to the skin, such as blistering and permanent scarring or pigmentation. Cheaper salons may neglect the need to have specialised equipment for different hair types.

So you need to ask yourselves is it quality you are after or a cheaper deal? Don't be fooled into using unqualified centres as these are not specialised clinics, they are merely tanning salons or beauty places which have seen the demand in the market for hair removal and tried to capitalise on this. When it comes to any sort of cosmetic enhancement, price is usually a good indication of quality.
The advantage of getting hair removal at a professional cosmetic clinic is that you will be able to walk away with confidence knowing that under your therapist's guidance, a program has been tailored to your needs, reducing the risk of permanent scarring and skin damage. Where a therapist is present you can be assured that all aspects of the treatment have been well thought out and that there is medical supervision on hand should some untoward complications arise.

Unprincipled claims

Having practised for more than 20 years, we have seen plenty of fraudulent claims made by salons and smaller clinics such as - - "Virtually painless" or "100 percent painless"

Although the procedure of hair removal through laser does not require clients to have anaesthesia, it is an overpromise to state that treatment will be 100 percent painless for every patient. - "Everlasting hair removal" or "100% permanent" This is a false claim and no clinic can guarantee 100% hair removal. Even those who seem to be the ideal candidate for laser hair removal may not get optimum results. The results are different for every person. - "No re growth"

Even though laser damages the hair from its roots, some hair is bound to grow back with time. A well trained therapist using good equipment ensures that maximum number of follicles are damaged. At the Me Clinic we are open to the fact that the treatment cannot guarantee 100% permanent hair removal. Instead we ensure our clients are informed from the beginning that additional treatments may be required as "top ups."

The Me Clinic has been in practice for the last 20 years and with a team of vastly trained and skilled surgeons, nurses, consultants and support staff, it is committed to achieving the result you are looking for. We have the expertise and we put in the effort to achieve the best results for our clients.


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