3 common anti wrinkle myths

December 02, 2013


For many, Anti Wrinkle Injections are something of a mystery.... We've all heard the Hollywood stories about it (who's had it, and who hasn't), but few of us actually know the details involved in the facial rejuvenation treatment. Worse yet, many of us hurt our chances of looking younger without invasive treatments because we don't know enough about these treatments. 

Here are three common Anti Wrinkle Injection myths 

Myth #1: Anti Wrinkle injections will give my face a "frozen" look.

The reality:  This is a classic anti wrinkle injection myth. How many people have you heard say: "I've considered getting anti wrinkle injections, but I don't want to be left looking expressionless or plastic"?

The truth, however, is that you don't have to change the way your face normally moves at all; in fact, it's better if you don't. We target just your wrinkles, leaving your natural expressions untouched. Through careful selection, your lines are softened and your wrinkles are smoothed away.

If you ensure a doctor, or properly trained and doctor supervised professional injects your anti wrinkle injections, your friends are unlikely to know that you've had something done. They may only notice that you look a little fresher; whether or not you choose to tell them the truth.

Myth #2: I've heard that Anti Wrinkle injections can be harmful.

The reality: We have some clarifying to do with this myth about anti wrinkle injections. There are two uses for anti wrinkle injections: cosmetic and medicinal.

Cosmetic anti wrinkle injection treatments can be given to reduce the appearance of ageing including horizontal forehead lines, frown lines, crow's-feet, and the neck. Medicinal anti wrinkle treatments can be given to ease over 30 conditions including muscle spasms, excessive sweating, and eyelid twitching.

When a doctor or a doctor supervised trained professional gives a medicinal anti wrinkle injection treatment, it's safe and effective. So, you can look younger for longer without worrying about your health being compromised.

Myth #3: Anti Wrinkle injection can't reshape my face or make it look slimmer.

The reality: This myth about anti wrinkle injections has got to go. It's actually extremely effective when used in facial reshaping or contouring, and slimming your features as well.

If you want to transform your face into a shapelier or more symmetrical one, talk to us and you'll be amazed how easily we can achieve it with a "liquid facelift". Why? Because using anti wrinkle injections for facial reshaping requires no invasive surgery.

If you have it done once, then you will probably find the rejuvenating effect lasts three to five months. But, many of our patients happily report that, by returning for repeated treatments, this time interval can be extended to six months or more.


To discuss how Anti Wrinkle Injections can help you look younger without the need for invasive treatments please call the Me Clinic om 1300 852 050. for an obligation free professional consultation.

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