Tottie Goldsmith on Preventative Cosmetic Medicine Part One

June 30, 2014

Tottie Goldsmith

What does preventative cosmetic medicine mean to you?

To me, it means that I will look at ways to help my skin regenerate all of the things that aren't as active as they were when I was younger; like collagen & elastin. It means finding products that help to strengthen my skin cells, help reduce my fine lines and help with the sun damage I caused by coating myself with coconut or baby oil and laying in the sun for hours on end.

Have you always taken a holistic approach to your wellbeing?

When I was 19, my sister studied Chinese medicine and she would come home and discuss her classes with me. We started talking all things eastern and then chose to go macrobiotic (Macronurotic) for a year and then experimented with different health food 'diets' for years after that. It wasn't until I was hit very badly with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) that I started looking at my food purely from a nutritional standpoint. I was so depleted that I could barley get up the strength to prepare food, so I decided that I couldn't eat any 'empty' calories. This decision started a life long interest in what foods hold what value.

How do you feel now?

Would you ever go back to your old lifestyle? I feel fantastic, but I can still get tired. I'm nearly 52 and as a performer I use a lot of energy. I have many roles as an MC, a marriage celebrant; I study acting and sing with The Chantoozies most weekend nights so I have a full plate. Having had chronic fatigue syndrome, my immune system has been compromised so I am very aware of the responsibility I have to work with my body and support it the best way I can.

What is your daily routine in terms of keeping your mind and body sound? Diet? Exercise? Skin care regimes?

Well I meditate every day. As I don't have a routine as such, I always find at least 15 minutes somewhere, even if it's as I'm going to sleep at night or before I get out of bed in the morning, but I usually I meditate for 25-45 minutes before a gig to relax me and boost my energy.

For breaky, I eat either porridge (soaked over night) or sprouted bread with coconut oil, avocado and Himalayan salt. I have a smoothie every day that includes raw cocoa, maca powder, chia seeds, avocado, banana, coconut water, water, protein powder (I used a sprouted brown rice one) and something green. bok choy, kale, spinach.. and ice.

At night I tend to have quinoa or baked sweet potato as a staple and then a stir-fry and salad. I also eat a lot of raw foods. Mainly in summer. I feel I need the warmth of cooked food when it gets cooler.

I don't have great hips from all the running I did when I was younger... in the wrong shoes and on asphalt!! So I ride my pushbike and stretch. I do a bit of yoga but must admit I'm out of my yoga routine at the moment. I scrub my body in the shower most days and as far as skin care goes, I use key products from Cosmedix and Skinmedica which are all from Me Clinic. I also often use coconut oil at night.

I'm a bit of a hedonist and love having a drink so I tend to ask for organic wines or just stick to Vodka, fresh lime and soda. We have been told that you are a true believer in the power of meditation. Do you have any tips on how to meditate and how people can find time to squeeze it into their busy schedules?

When I was in rehearsal for Grease the Arena Spectacular in 1997, I was a single mum with a 3 year old and very long rehearsal days. As you can imagine, it was hard to find any time for myself at all. When lunch was called I would go to the bathroom to meditate then I would go join the others, have lunch and feel great for the rest of the afternoon.

There are many ways to meditate. I started with TM (Transcendental Meditation) and now mix up a few different types but do a lot of mindfulness meditation and chakra healing meditation. You can get online and do some research. Deepak and Oprah have some great free meditations if you want to try some out but keep in mind, meditation has a cumulative effect so the longer and more often you do it, the greater the sense of peace.

Is there any aspect about your holistic approach that you find challenging?

In the 'old days', I found it tricky finding dairy and wheat free products, especially in restaurants, but its easy now. I believe in doing a couple of cleansers each year and have to really exercise my discipline to get out of the gates. With meditation, sometimes I'm not in the mood or really busy but exercise my discipline and make myself sit for even 5 minutes and the payoff is always worth it.

Do you have any tips for people who are thinking about adopting a similar approach to their lives? Pitfalls? Challenges?

Go slowly! Cut out one thing at a time, like sugar then maybe wheat or gluten. Let's say its sugar, find other alternatives to help you not have withdrawals and slowly adjusting your taste buds. Some people use Stevia; I use honey, maple syrup or just fruit or dried fruit to sweeten thing.

Most importantly, see it as a life choice, not a diet or you will feel deprived. See it as supporting your body, honouring your body and you will release happy endorphins as apposed to stress endorphins that come from a sense of 'missing out'. There are 52 million cells in our body reacting to your thoughts so enjoying the change of lifestyle is imperative.


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