Dressing for your Shape

October 02, 2014

dressing for your shape

Photo:: Shereen Kiddle (left), Lia Tsimos (middle) & Tottie Goldsmith (right)


Dress for your Body Shape

We are all beautiful in our own way, but if you don't dress for your body shape, you won't look and feel like your glamorous self. By learning to dress for your body type, you will be accentuating your best features and showing your most beautiful side.

At the Me Clinic we believe in this philosophy. That is why we asked the designers at Moss & Spy to give us some pointers and this is what they had to say.

Body shape is about proportion and fashion is all about dressing those proportions to look their best.

At Moss & Spy, we understand that as women, we come in all different shapes and sizes. We specialize in working with clients to balance proportions through clever design.

Body shapes can generally be classified into 4 basic shapes;

Pear shape
Apple shape
Rectangular, and

Each shape is described in detail as follows;

Pear shape ::

The classic pear shape is when your lower body is bigger than your upper body.

Apple Shape ::

If you describe yourself as having an apple shape, then you will be bigger up top and have smaller, less defined legs.

Rectangular ::

Women who say that they have a boyish figure will have a rectangular body shape. They find themselves being straight up and down.

Hourglass ::

An hourglass shaped body means that you have a balanced bust and hip with small waist.

How to deal with these body shapes

Once we determine your shape, we can suggest ways that we you nip and tuck a design to make it suit your body shape. Some simple examples include;


  • Shortening a dress that sits below your knees when your legs are your best asset
  • Tapering in at the hem to give you a slimmer look
  • Darting under the bust to accentuate your waist 


Even good design may still need tweaking to fit your shape. Whilst we cannot all afford made to measure, we can certainly perfect an off the rack piece quite easily.


Lia Tsimos

Moss & Spy Designer, Lia Tsimos


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