5 Tips in 5 minutes with Mike Clague

October 29, 2014


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Mike Clague our resident Aesthetic Nurse and injecting guru loves the results he gets with his dermal fillers. Here he gives 5 tips on achieving the best results...



                (Images by Mike Clague) 

1 - Have realistic expectations about filler longevity.

All fillers may last different amounts of time. Thicker fillers tend to last longer (9-18 months) while the dermal hydrators may last only 6 months. Be prepared to discuss which fillers are suitable for your particular needs.

2 - Be prepared to discuss possible side effects.

Many side effects with dermal fillers are mild and transient. Bruising is a possibility and there are a few things you can do to minimise the risk of this occurring. For example cease all omega 3 (fish oil, krill oil) medication for at least 5 days prior to treatment. These products can reduce your ability to clot thereby increasing the risk of brusing.

3 - Be open minded and flexible.

You are not necessarily an expert in the art of injectable treatments. Often the thing that bothers you most may not be the area that actually requires treatment. Be prepared for your injector to discuss other treatments and options, and hopefully agree on the best treatments for you and your budget.

4 - Check out your injectors face.

Assess your injectors own face. If they are rocking a big set of lips then it is likely that they think that looks good. Also ask them if they have some of their own before and after pictures to show you.

5 - Avoid permanent fillers.

At the Me Clinic we prefer to not to use permanent fillers because they can cause permanent problems with the passing of time and changes to your face. We prefer hyaluronic dermal fillers as we can dissolve the product safely within 24 hours if there is an issue.

If you have any queries please call Mike or one of our Patient Consultants.


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