Breast Enhancement...a natural alternative

November 30, 2014




For those of us who don't like the idea of having implants inserted into our body, but still want bigger breast, our prayers have been answered at last.

At the Me Clinic we have been performing Fat transfers to the Breast since the 1980's where the patient's own fat is removed and then injected into the breasts. However, now in combination with specially designed vacuum bras such as the BRAVA bra, larger yet natural looking breasts can be achieved. These vacuum bras are designed to improve the blood supply circulation to the breast tissue to help nourish the transferred fat.

These bras have the effect of enlarging the space inside the breasts so that the body can accommodate transferred fat successfully. Without it, there can be internal pressure on the re-injected fat which can otherwise limit the effectiveness of the fat transfer.

The bra is worn initially for four weeks prior to the procedure for 10 hours a day. After the procedure the bra is fitted and worn for 24 hours and then 10 hours a day for two to three weeks after the procedure. This ensures the best results.

The procedure is minimally invasve with a quick recovery time. The breast sensation generally remains unaffected and there are minimal risks of complications or rejection or encapsulation which can be experienced with implants. With this procedure over 80% of the transferred fat can survive indefinitlely.

Generally only one treatment is required; however the procedure can be performed more than once to achieve the ideal size and shape.


  • Natural feel and look
  • Patient's own fat is used
  • The body does not reject it's own fat
  • Quick recovery time
  • No implants are required
  • No implant scars
  • No know side effects from injected transferred fat
  • Breast feeding is not impaired after surgery.
  • Breast sensation is essentially unaffected.

We are all very excited about this new development and it's effectiveness.

Please call the Me Clinic for further details on our new procedure.




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