Cosmetic Ear Surgery - my Surgical Journey

January 30, 2015


"Dumbo", "gelfling" and plain old "big ears".  Kids can be downright mean, but many years ago these were just a few of the names I got used to being called and where my self-consciousness about my ears began and stayed with me until recently.

As I progressed through the many stages of life into adulthood my attitudes, experiences, relationships and friends all changed and I began to feel like my ears weren't a concern to me anymore.  Upon reflection this wasn't true, the fact was that throughout life I just hid my ears with long hair and chose to never wear it up or tied back for that matter.  This "cover up" of sorts is the very reason why "surprise" was the instant reaction when I told friends that I was having my ears pinned with comments like "you don't need that" and "I've never noticed you had a problem".

Hearing these responses and then thinking about how much I used to cover my ears I guess I never really got over those internal feelings of hating the way I looked that started back when I was just a little girl.  It was horrible over the years never wanting to exercise in front of other people for fear of wearing my hair back or hating swimming in public because my hair would get wet, stick to my head and show everybody what was really going on under my mask of blow dried and styled hair.

Being an employee at the Me Clinic and seeing many of the men and women coming through who had decided to change something in their life: I decided I would take the time to see Dr Ashley.

Timing was always going to be my issue with this, there is never going to be a perfect time for surgery, right.  At 38 and only eight months post pregnancy I just decided to bite the bullet, throw caution to the wind and finally get this done.  As the day of surgery got closer I noticed my inability to sleep increased significantly whilst my stress levels went through the roof every time I thought about this major change I was about to undertake.

What about the pain, what if I can't resume a normal life quickly or worst of all what if I didn't get the results I had dreamed about most of my life?

These are the thoughts that plagued my mind pre-surgery, now I am almost 2 weeks post-surgery and couldn't be happier, after the first night the pain was minimal, I was back to my normal life just 24 hours after the surgery and most importantly I LOVE my ears and my new look. I may never wear my hair down again!

I am sure it's really very hard for some to understand how this has changed my life but now there will never be a reason for me to not exercise in public or go swimming with my daughter.  The only question I have left is why didn't I do this 20 years ago?



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