Latest treatment in Anti Ageing - Factor4

March 01, 2015



At the Me Clinic we consider ourselves leaders in the field of cosmetic medicine. We are constantly researching and developing better and more effective treatments.

As a result we have introduced the latest concept in anti-ageing to our range of treatments called Factor4 which is one of the most advanced Stem Cell treatments available.

Factor4 was developed to provide patients with the most up to date anti-ageing treatments which uses the body's own blood in a highly concentrated plasma which contains anti-inflammatory, growth and repair factors. Factor4 is one the most advanced anti-ageing treatments on the market.

A Factor4 treatment naturally stimulates and boosts the body's own repair system. New, fresh, elastic collagen significantly slows the visible ageing process and reduces fine lines and wrinkles while improving the skin's overall texture and elasticity.

Factor4 is a highly concentrated super-rich plasma which contains four times more growth factors than any brand Blood Rich Injection product. It can be used to effectively treated the following conditions

  • Wrinkles
  • Creping of the face, neck and décolletage (chest)
  • Back of hands
  • Dark circles around the eyes
  • Stretch marks
  • Scars
  • It also has a significant effect in reducing static face lines and tightening of the skin

 Factor4 is harvested from the patients own blood in technologically advanced tubing and then the drawn blood is incubated for between six and nine hours. During incubation the blood is exposed to small glass beads that are etched with very carefully shaped tiny grooves. This causes a rapid increase in the formation of growth factors. The tubes are placed in a centrifuge, serum extraction and filtration of the serum is portioned and stored in a freezer at -18°C.

This treatment naturally stimulates collagenases significantly slowing down the skin's ageing process, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving the overall texture of the skin.  Patients can expect to start seeing results after a couple of weeks from the first treatment.

Three or four treatments two to four weeks apart is the recommended treatment protocol to gain the most effective results.  Factor4 can be used alone as an injectable or combined with skin needling or fractional laser to improve results and speed healing.

Read more or call us on 9569 3511 to arrange your initial consultation.


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