Anti Ageing with Tottie Goldsmith

April 30, 2015

The word Anti-ageing is used in many areas and one that has many approaches. I'm going to chat a little about my angle on it, and what I do on a daily basis to keep my body and mind as ageless as possible.

When I come across people, I find myself thinking  €˜she is so attractive' or €˜he seems so young for his age' I'm usually picking up on a few different facets of that person.

We tend to initially respond to external beauty.  What €˜attracts' us to a person; be it eyes, smile, body shape, skin; It's something that we sense or feel connected to.

Apart from our body structure and the shape of our features, all the other elements come from the inside.

We literally vibrate energy, people feel us while they are seeing us.

So what is it that contributes to this youthful energy?

When we fuel our bodies with foods and beliefs that are good for us, we literally radiate them. Our eyes sparkle, our skin glows, our bodies are the shape and size they are meant to be and our smile comes easily and is infectious.

How can we achieve this kind of vibrancy and it not feel like a chore? Think about these 5 points I'm sharing, do the work & create some new habits. You can pick one a month if you like, then It's four weeks of diligence and it won't feel like work, it will just become €˜what you do'.

The more in-tune we are with our body, the more we will understand its needs. It took me years of feeling tired after eating pasta & bread before I worked out that my body didn't like wheat. I cut wheat out for a month, then tried it again and the affect of the wheat on my system was as clear as day. I now eat wheat free or gluten free bread and pasta. There are SO many yummy ones out there now it ridiculous!!

 1. It is a fact that it takes 21 days to break a habit so when you decide (because you will) to give up refined foods, you will only have to winge for 21 days and then you will forget you had a deep and meaningful relationship with Tim Tams.

 2. Become interested in what you put in your mouth. Google foods you like and discover their health benefits (and while you are at it, check out how damaging that donut is). Google the foods you have heard a lot about lately and how they can benefit you. Not all €˜good foods' are good for you so feel your way through this.

 3. Do some research on the benefits of meditation and anti-ageing. Don't even START with me on how meditation turned my life around!

Here's a link to get you going:

 4. Your skin needs nourishment. It's out there all day fighting off the affects of weather and environment and you need to care for it like you would your own child. Try out anti-ageing products; give it at least a month before you move on to another. The clinicians at Me Clinic have been incredible with me. The texture of my skin is better than It's been in years and my pigmentation was under control right through summer. A first!!  As a 52 year old woman that is going through menopause, I need all the hydration I can get.

5. Do some form of exercise. Unless of course you're in-love with sport, we don't need a huge amount to stay on top of it. Just enough to get our blood flowing and happy hormones released. Walk to the shops instead of driving; get a pushbike if you live in an area that has a bike track. Get some stretching exercise or a yoga DVD if you're stuck at home with kids or in an office. It doesn't take a huge amount to keep us supple and healthy.

I have just joined a water aerobics class. I know you think It's for old people but It's really easy on the joints; something I need to consider.

I hope this has been helpful or inspiring. Please don't feel overwhelmed at the prospect or think that taking care of yourself is hard work, because once you start feeling better, everything feels easier :-)

 Love Tottie


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