Mole Removal with Dr Ahmed

June 29, 2015

Firstly we need to book you an appointment with Dr Ahmed.

At your initial consultation Dr Ahmed will assess and determine if its a 'safe' mole.  This can be done by clinically looking at it or if needed using a dermatoscope (magnification tool).

If the mole is deemed safe and appropriate a very good option for removing moles aesthetically (especially raised moles or leisons (skin tags,etc)) is via Radio frequency. This leaves no scarring and is the preferred method.

Mole removal is a painless procedure. There is a small prick from the local ansethetic prior to removing mole. The mole is then removed via a radio frequency shave. It is a walk in - walk out treatment with no downtime.  You can shower the next day and get back to work or exercise straight away.

Watch Dr Ahmed perform a mole removal procedure here

If the mole is not appropriate for radio frequency, there are other options €"  we can monitor the mole, use aura laser (which is good for pigmented moles), alternatively traditional removal (excision).

So if your moles are bothering you, book a consult with Dr Ahmed and he can assess them and advise you further.

Read more about mole removal on our website


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