On the road with Tottie

June 29, 2015


Photograph courtesy of Rebecca Bana


Being on the road isn't for everyone but I LOVE it. I do it as a singer with The Chantoozies and currently with a play called Sex With Strangers working opposite the wonderful Samuel Johnson.

As I am very conscious of my wellbeing I head out on tour well prepared. I pack my walking gear, my yoga mat and a plastic clipped bucked full of all my essentials.
First thing in the morning I have a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in hot water to help detoxify my digestive system and eliminate toxins from the organs. I then tend to go for a walk, if It's not raining, and come back to the Hotel to make my smoothie.
My blender is light weight & fairly inexpensive and as you blend and drink from the same bottle its easy to clean and very compact.

For fresh ingredients I try to find local a grocers as apposed to Supermarket shopping although Supermarkets do have an organic section€¦.. and there is nothing quite like a bag of pre-washed spinach to make smoothie making in a hotel easier. In the €˜snack tub' in the picture I have my Chia Seeds in the bottom half and a mixture of Maca & Camu in the top one (just to have less packages).

I always have half an Avocado and a Banana in my smoothie (and they travel well without refrigeration) and as I don't eat meat, a Protein Powder. The one I'm using at the moment is called Prana, It's plant based, raw, alkaline, gluten free and easy to digest€¦and very yummy tasting. I always add a teaspoon of Cacao & Cinnamon to my smoothie and if I cant get fresh greens when I'm in the middle of nowhere I put in a teaspoon of powdered greens.

I love my morning coffee but after that I only drink herbal teas and plenty of fresh water. I graze on nuts, seeds, carrots & Hommus, organic corn chips during the day and I have dinner early so I'm not weighed down before a show.

If I'm only away for a few days at a time, I make up a huge pot of cooked vegies and mix it with some Quinoa or Brown rice, add some natural flavor, pop into Tupperware, freeze some portions and take that with me or I find the healthiest option I can in town. I don't own a microwave but let me tell you, when you're hungry and cold and in the middle of nowhere they are a Godsend. Macro do some good organic soups that come up a treat after a 2 minute nuke. LOL

And of COURSE I keep up my skin regime!!!!

Every one of these products helps my skin stay healthy and vibrant which I need especially after doing big shows under hot stage lights with heavy makeup.

The rest of the time I read, meet locals, meditate, stretch and head into the theatre 2 hour before a show to prep.
It's not for everyone as I said earlier, but I feel blessed to be doing what I love€¦€¦and getting paid to do it!


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