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July 31, 2015

Can my unwanted hair be removed permanently?

Yes we can remove unwanted hair using laser technology - Permanently 

The lasers used amplify light and produce an intense and synchronised beam. Lasers operate on the principle of light absorption. It is similar in principle to dark colours absorbing more heat, than lighter colours that reflect the heat. Applying this principle to Laser Hair Removal, the laser beam is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair causing the energy to travel down the hair shaft to the root, where it retards hair growth or eliminates the root of the hair. 

Can all skin types and skin colours be treated?

All skin types can be treated.  Even the darkest skin can be treated as the technology behind Cuteras NdYag as it is completely safe for dark skin types.

What areas can you treat?

All areas of the body can be treated.

Most commonly women treat the face, underarms, bikini area and legs.

For men, chest, shoulders and back are mostly treated.

Does hair removal hurt?

Treatment is not painful some patients feel slight discomfort depending on the area being treated.

Some describe treatment like a rubber band flicking the skin.  The area normally feels warm after the treatment! Ice is used to cool the area down prior to you leaving.

When is the best time to have treatment?

It is best to have treatments in the cooler months without the risks associated with tanning.

So NOW  is the perfect time to get your body hair free for spring and summer.

How many treatments are required?

Depending on the area being treated the average sessions required are between six to eight, spaced four to six weeks apart! This can vary from person to person depending on skin colour, hair growth or other medical history factors.

Hair removal for the face can take up to 10 treatments as there are more hair follicles on the face.

A more accurate treatment plan will be advised at your initial consultation!

Is there any preparation required before treatment?

We require a test patch to be performed to ensure that your skin is able to tolerate the laser.

We ask that you shave the area prior to treatment and have no fake tan or moisturisers on the skin.

What care is required after treatment?

For the first 24 hours after treatment we advise not to have hot showers, use chemicals (soaps, moisturisers etc) or swim in chlorinated pools. Exercise should be avoided for this period also.

For two weeks after treatment we ask that you limit your exposure to the sun and also avoid fake tans.

What lasers are available .. Is one better than the other?

At the Me Clinic we use two lasers for hair removal.

The Cutera Nd Yag is best suited for those patients with darker skin types.

The IPL is best for finer lighter hair and lighter skin types.

At your consultation we will determine the laser to get the best results for you

What training/experience do you have?

Michelle  holds a laser safety certificate and has worked with Medical strength lasers and IPLs for over 10 years.

Do hormones affect the treatment?

If you suffer from hormonal conditions such as an under/over acting thyroid, endometriosis and post menopausal bleeding, you may require more sessions as these conditions can affect  hair growth.

In some cases it may be advised to avoid hormonal areas such as the face, back of thighs, nipples or stomach. If the hair is only fine and light in colour the laser may stimulate the areas to produce darker and thicker hair.

If you are unsure if hormones are an issue It's advised to check this prior to commencing, to ensure the best outcome.

Are there any side effects?

The area treated may be red and warm to touch initially, this subsides quite quickly.

Costs involved?

This really depends on the area(s), but treatments start from $90 upwards.

We also offer a pre paid package - if you pre pay for 3 treatments upfront we offer a 15% discount.


If you have any further queries or would like to make an appointment please feel free to contact the Me Clinic on 9569 3511 or check out the website for more information click here


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