Purchasing cosmeceutical skin care products online

September 28, 2015

The internet is full of discount online stores offering all types of products at discounted rates, but buyer beware there are some things you should be aware of.

In your consultation with a qualified skin specialist, you may be prescribed cosmeceuticals specific to your skin needs. Some of these products can be found on different websites at a slightly reduced rate. This is always enticing BUT are you getting what you think you're getting or paying for.

Firstly, what is a cosmeceutical product?

These are medical grade skincare products with high levels of active ingredients. When prescribed by a professional the benefits for the skin have outstanding results.

We have FOUR important things for you to consider when purchasing skin care online.

1.    Active Ingredients have a short shelf life

At the me clinic our stock is constantly monitored so the products are within the expiry period. In most cases there is no indication of expiry dates so as an internet shopper you have no way of checking if your products have expired €" and if so, how long ago did they expire.

Therefore you are taking the risk of spending good money on a product that will have minimal or unwanted results.

2.    Must be stored correctly.

We are an accredited stockist of a range of cosmeceutical skin care lines. And we adhere to correct storage of these items. Products need to be stored in the correct environment.

When purchasing online, you run the risk that they may have been stored in an incorrect manner which can cause damage to the active ingredients which leaves an ineffective product.   

3.    Take Offs

Like any designer bag or clothing, there is always a cheap €˜take off'  available and these days you can also find cosmeceutical €˜take offs'.

To the online shopper the packaging is the same, the color of the product is the same €" but are the ingredients the same? This is not visible to an online shopper.

Cosmeceutical companies do not sell to some well know discounted internet sites. So do you research! It's often better to spend the extra $10 to $20 purchasing from an accredited stockiest.

4.    Ongoing assessment with you skin specialist.

You skin specialist needs to assess your skin regularly to ensure your skin care reflects your ever changing skin to maintain optimum results. Things like hormonal changes, the changing seasons, more/less exposure to sun all these things need to be monitored. When self prescribing and purchasing, you may find yourself using incorrect products which may lead to unwanted affects. 

To book an appointment to have your skin care reviewed please call the me clinic on 9569 3511.


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