Tottie Goldsmith on skin needling and Factor 4 treatments

November 09, 2015

Hosting events is something that I enjoy doing outside of acting and singing. I guess It's a form of entertainment but it also takes a lot of organisation, a steady mind so one can think on their feet and of course, confidence.

For example last week I co-hosted a Black Tie event in the Palladium Room at Crown Casino with Paul Macurio. It was my sixth year at hosting this event and around 800- 850 people attend each year. It is the 'night of nights' for the food & wine industry and is treated like a degustation so there are a lot of dishes, restaurateurs & wine merchants to please.  I put a lot of work into the script and make sure all of the pronunciations are correct€¦.. and of course It's very important that I €˜look the part'.

Apart from borrowing an appropriate dress and gorgeous jewellery it is important that I look the best I can. As my face is seen on MASSIVE screens all around the room so I must ensure my skin is in top condition. This makes the application of make up easier as well as allowing  my skin to glow beneath the makeup. Cameras show up EVERYTHING and good skin, I can tell you from experience, is the KEY to looking good not only on camera but in every day life.

I am now 53 years old and have found skin products that not only support but enhance my skin and as I have mentioned many times before, I eat food that supports not only my skin but all of my organs. Skin really is just one LARGE organ :-)

I recently started a program of Skin Needling and Factor 4 at me clinic. I have had two  treatments  and have already noticed a difference, as has Michelle who looks after me at the me clinic.

Skin needling is great for anti ageing, it firms the skin, reduces pore size, minimises fine lines and reduces scarring.

Skin needling in the past has been a stand alone treatment, with great results but adding Factor 4  turbo boosts the skin-needling effects. These Factor 4 skin needling treatments are performed four times two weeks apart. Basically they take some of your blood, like you would having a blood test, they wiz it around in a machine to separate the Platelet Rich Plasma and infuse your blood back into your skin during the skin needling session. It's just like applying a serum.

I was VERY excited to hear that I had very good blood and that I am extremely hydrated. I think It's all the Chia seeds and Coconut water I down :-) So drink lots of water before having your bloods taken.

Anyway, what REALLY blew me away was that in two days you couldn't even tell that I had had a treatment. The first day I looked a little bit sunburned in patches, the second day was a bit the same but to a lesser degree and the third day there was pretty much no sign of the treatment so It's a GREAT option for busy people who don't have the €˜down time' to do a laser treatment€¦.. and there is absolutely NO risk involved. It is ALL natural!!

I really feel that the combination of healthy foods, hydration, active and effective cosmeceutical skin care products, combining skin peels, microdermabrasion and skin needling is my answer to feeling really good about my skin.


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