Are Feather Touch Brows for you?

April 02, 2016

Would you like your eyebrows to have a better shape?

Are your brows too sparse or too thin?

Are you fed up with penciling your brows in every morning?

Do you have a faded old fashioned block tattoo that is the wrong shape, or perhaps it has even gone a blue or a red colour!

 Don’t dismay…..we have a solution: A semi-permanent Feather-Touch Brow. This beautiful natural looking brow:

  • Gives your face a youthful appearance
  • Compliments your existing features.
  • Provides definition, which draws attention to your eyes.
  • Enables you to swim, go to the gym, and do yoga and other exercises with amazing looking brows.
  • Allows you to throw away those brow pencils!

This gorgeous girl is in her 20s. Her faded “Block Tattoo” brows were too thin and the wrong shape for her face. The Feather-Touch Brow has highlighted her beautiful face.


This special lady had over plucked her brows in her youth. Her Feather-Touch Brow contributes to her natural beauty.


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