5 reasons why winter is a great time to consider cosmetic surgery.

July 08, 2016

Winter is an ideal time to arrange your cosmetic surgery procedure. We give you five reasons why now might be the time to book that procedure you have been thinking about.

1. Winter Fashion

Cooler weather allows for more layers of clothing  – jackets, coats, knits, pants  – this clothing helps to conceal swelling, bruising and your compression garment after a liposuction procedure and makes it difficult to see the difference in breast size after a breast augmentation or breast reduction. While scarves and hats can hide the evidence of a face or neck lift or facial resurfacing.

2. Perfect time to have some down time.

It can be tough getting up for work when it is so miserable and cold outside, plus we tend to socialise a little less during these cooler months.

Most surgery requires around 5 to 14 days recovery time. After surgery we do encourage you to partake in some mild exercise such as walking. However we do need you to rest and recover with you feet up. So why not take this time to catch up on your favorite TV series or read some great books.

3. It is also a time when we make some changes to our appearance.

We are more likely to change the color of our hair or shade of make up during winter. This can work to shake things up with your appearance and throw any friends who may be asking questions if you are not ready to tell them about your decision to have surgery.

4. If you have kids – consider surgery whilst they are at school not on holidays.

 Many patients find that they can recover quicker while their children are at school as opposed to having to care for them whilst they are on extended summer holidays.

5. Summer bodies are made in Winter!

You don’t want to be recovering whilst you could be out enjoying the warmer weather.

Christmas parties, NYE events, the beach, bathing suits, exposing more skin, wedding season and holidays.  Those who are considering breast surgery, facial surgery or liposuction should ensure that your body has lots of time to recover before you hit the beaches.

It’s best not to leave things to the last minute. Use the cooler winter months to get into shape and get ready for the summer. 


So why not book that consultation with one of our surgeons to find out more - don't forget we have FREE consultations during July - but be quick places are limited. Register your details here.



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