Summer bodies are made in Winter

August 01, 2016

There is no better time than now. The cold, grey month of August is the perfect opportunity to start your mission towards a healthy happy summer body.

During the winter months of hibernation, when every magazine is preaching the latest and greatest  ‘Celebrity Bikini Blitz’ guaranteed to get you into tip top shape with the help of kale shakes and sumo squats, we prefer to take a more long-term scientific approach because we know the quick-fix solutions simply don’t work.

Extensive research has shown any sustainable significant long-term change to your body, can take up to four to six months. Fad workouts and diets are not the answer. If you have always wanted to enjoy a summer in the sun and have ever considered either surgical or non-surgical treatments to get you on the road to feeling more confident in your skin (and in your bikini) then now is the time to come and see us at me clinic and get professional, realistic advice on what you can achieve over the next six months…

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