flaunt perfect brows on and off the track this racing season

September 02, 2016

At the top of our little black book of beauty must-haves, is a brow specialist. Someone who understands the importance of killer brows for the all consuming event season. Here we get the lowdown on what to expect and how to plan our brow prep schedule from our me clinic expert Anthea.

A set of perfectly tuned feathered brows is  the key accessory. It is the ultimate enhancement to one's appearance.

We always start by discussing the style of brows that you prefer. We spend time refining the shape and discussing the outcome you are hoping to achieve.

Once you feel comfortable, we then book you in for your first 2.5 hour appointment. 

In this appointment a template is drawn and measured accurately. When you approve the shape size and colour, we numb your brow. It takes 3 Lays (layers) of microblading hairs within the template. Anaesthetic is continually applied to ensure maximum comfort.  You leave with a stunning new brow. It is slightly sharper and will shrink 10% over the next few days. There is no downtime, no redness, no swelling and if emollient supplied is continually applied, brows will heal perfectly. 

4-6 weeks later you return for your second appointment. The complete process is repeated which is three fresh layers. You now have a brow with dimension; softer hairs underneath and sharper ones on top. 

This process gives superb definition to your new FeatherTouch brow. 

We recommend a colour enhancement for your brow at 12 months. 


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