his and her spring make over

September 02, 2016

With men becoming more aware of the benefits of anti-ageing treatments and with a rise in male surgical procedures, spring might just be the perfect time to consider couples cosmetic surgery.

At me clinic we can offer breast surgery options for both men and women.

We can assist men to improve their confidence with surgery to reduce man boobs.

Gynaecomastia/Man boobs can be caused by excess fat in the breast area or excessive glandular tissue behind the nipples. This excess fat is easily removed by liposuction, under local anaesthetic. A compression garment is worn for around three to six weeks around the chest area to ensure optimum recovery. Most men find they can resume regular activities with two to three weeks after their surgery.

For women who require a lift we have a minimal invasive procedure available.

The Scarless Breast Lift ™ was pioneered here at me clinic in the early 2000’s by our Director of Medicine, Dr Ashley. This non invasive procedure involves making a small incision in the armpit and applying an exclusive procedure to encourage collagen formation which assists the breasts to lift with virtually no scarring.

Your recovery time for Scarless Breast Lift ™ is over a four to six week period. Following surgery a specific routine as designed by our Surgeons needs to be followed involving specialised instructions and undersized bras. We recommend avoiding strenuous activity for around three weeks, but from six weeks or so you will be able to return to any exercise routines you had before.

We also can assist with breast augmentation with breast implants, breast reduction via liposuction, breast implant revision and breast corrective surgery.

The me clinic team look forward to welcoming you to the me clinic to discuss your breast surgery requirements. Contact me clinic on 9569 3511 to arrange your appointment.


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