facelifts. the facts.

September 26, 2016

Facelifts will always remain a popular anti-ageing procedure.

The results can be far more effective and last far longer, than those achieved with less invasive treatments such a dermal fillers and other treatments and procedures. Here we answer your most FAQ to stop you from wondering and instead, proactively consider… 

Surgical face and neck lifting  - Dr Tony Prochazka answers the Frequently Asked Questions: 

What exactly is face and neck lifting? 

This is a type of surgery (or other procedure) which lifts and tightens the skin of the face and/or neck, in order to create a more youthful and refreshed appearance. Ideally, such procedures are selected to maximise results while minimising risks.


What types of face and neck lifting are available? 

There are many different procedures available for face and neck lifting. Some are entirely non-surgical - e.g. radiofrequency, infra-red and ultrasound devices. Others are minimally-invasive (no scars) - for instance, thread lifts. Then of course we have the more invasive "open" surgical procedures: traditional long-scar facelift, and the more modern "short-scar" lifts such as MACS Lift, central neck tuck, and lateral neck resuspension.


Am I a suitable candidate for a face and/or neck lift?

Both males and females are suited to these procedures, although the surgical techniques may vary slightly. Anyone in reasonably good health who is concerned about sagging facial tissues, loose jawlines with jowl formation, and/or "turkey-gobbler" necks, could be a candidate. Most patients will be in their forties, fifties or sixties. However, we have operated on healthy patients outside these age groups, where substantial improvement was likely.


What type of result can I expect from a face or neck lift? 

Your doctor will explain to you in detail, at the first consultation, what kind of long-term result you can expect. The aim is always for facial/neck skin tightening with the most natural possible result, so that you look younger and fresher without that tell-tale "operated" appearance. The SMAS tightening performed during "open" procedures ensures that results will last long-term - often for eight to ten years or even longer.


How about the recovery from a face or neck lift? 

These surgeries are always performed as "day" cases. The patient can usually go home two or three hours after completion of the procedure. Some wound dressings, padding and compression bandaging will be applied, and oral antibiotics are commenced. Patients should sleep propped-up on pillows for a day or two. Medium-strength pain-killer tablets are usually all that is necessary to ensure comfort for the first two or three days.

Some swelling and bruising will always occur; however, this is often surprisingly limited. Some areas near the incision lines may be numb initially; this usually resolves in a few days or weeks. Bed rest is not required, however patients should not undertake any strenuous activities for at least ten to fourteen days.

 We review our patients the day after surgery, again at around 5-6 days for removal of the incision sutures; and one or two times after that to ensure that progress is satisfactory and the patient is happy. 

The vast majority of face and neck lift patients get great results, with rapid recovery and no complications.

If you would like to book an appointment with Dr Tony Prochazka to discuss your facial surgery options please call our Patient Consultants on 9569 3511.


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