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April 23, 2017

How does Breast Reduction Surgery work?

Breast Reduction Surgery can be performed using the Tumescent Liposuction technique, or with Traditional Breast Reduction Surgery. 

Using the Tumescent Liposuction technique, one or two small incisions are made and fat cells are removed through a suction tube (known as a cannula) in the same way liposuction is performed on other areas of the body.

In Traditional Breast Reduction Surgery, incisions are made on the skin, tissue and breast glands and any excess fat, skin and tissue is removed.

How much does a breast reduction cost?

At me clinic, the cost of Breast Reduction Surgery using the Tumescent Liposuction technique starts from $6,500, or $10,800 for Traditional Breast Reduction Surgery.

As each patient’s requirements are different, it is difficult to provide standardised pricing. It is essential you attend a consultation with one of our surgeons to determine the most appropriate procedure for you and to obtain an accurate quote.

Will a breast reduction help reduce my back pain?

One of the most common reasons patients seek out Breast Reduction Surgery is due to neck, shoulder or back pain which is a result of the extra weight they are carrying from having a large bust. While results will vary between patients, many of our patients report a significant improvement in pain and discomfort following Breast Reduction Surgery.

How significant are the scars left behind from Breast Reduction Surgery?

The level of scarring left behind following a procedure will largely depend on the surgery technique used.

When using the Tumescent Liposuction technique, because the incisions made are small, patients usually heal with virtually no scarring.


In comparison, Traditional Breast Surgery can leave some degree of scarring on the area and lower breast. 

Will I lose sensitivity in my breasts?

While Breast Reduction Surgery is performed in a way that is designed to protect nerves and sensation, some patients may experience ‘nipple numbness’ or a loss in sensitivity following surgery. Your surgeon will discuss this with you in detail during your consultation. 

How many cup sizes can I go down?

Traditional Breast Reduction Surgery allows for the largest volume reduction in breast size, however when using the Liposuction reduction technique, breast size can still be reduced by up to 50 per cent in some patients. Your surgeon will help determine the most appropriate volume reduction option for you during your consultation.

Will my breasts still have the same shape?

When the Tumescent Liposuction technique is used, it allows for greater control over where fat cells are extracted from so a more natural look can be achieved. Many patients also combine the procedure with a Scarless Breast Lift which assists the breasts to significantly lift.

Patients who undergo a breast reduction using the Traditional Breast Reduction technique may notice a more significant change in the shape of their breasts. Patients often combine the procedure with a Breast Lift (also known as a Mastopexy), which causes the breast to lift significantly and reposition the nipple and areola.

Your surgeon will discuss the results you can expect to achieve using either breast reduction technique during your consultation.

Can I still breastfeed after a reduction? 

If you are planning to breastfeed after a breast reduction, it is very important that you discuss this with your surgeon.

When the procedure is conducted using the Tumescent Liposuction method it does not interfere with a woman’s ability to breastfeed, however using the Traditional Breast Reduction method may interfere with the ability to breastfeed.

How safe is it? Are there any significant risks with the surgery?

As with any surgical procedure, there are some risks involved with Breast Reduction Surgery which your surgeon will discuss with you in detail during your consultation.

The key risks usually include bleeding, infection, an adverse reaction to the anaesthesia, scarring, loss of sensation or the inability to breastfeed. For this reason, it is important that you select an experienced surgeon to perform your breast reduction.

How long will the recovery take?

While most patients report it only takes several weeks for their new breasts to feel ‘natural’, we recommend patients avoid any strenuous activity for around 3 weeks following the procedure. From around 6 weeks, patients should be able to comfortably return to any exercise routines.

Why choose me clinic?

At me clinic, we have been performing Breast Reduction Surgery for over 20 years and have performed more than 6,000 breast augmentations which has made us a preferred clinic for breast reduction surgery in Melbourne and Sydney.

Book a no obligation consultation with me clinic to find out more about breast reduction surgery.

A Me Clinic Surgeon is a guarantee of an experienced and skilled Cosmetic Surgeon with many years of Cosmetic Surgery experience and who abides by the highest code of ethics and always act in the best interests of the patient. We specialise in procedures ranging from labiaplasty to liposuction. For a full range of our specialisations go to our Body Selector Tool.


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