Labioplasty: Let’s Talk About It

July 29, 2017

Talking about “down there” for some women can be a sensitive topic. At some point in her life, the average woman has been self conscious of her vagina. Does it look okay? How does it compare with other women? For the vast majority, these doubts and worries are completely unfounded. Then again, there are some women who remain unhappy with the appearance of their vagina.

Some women can be born with irregularly large or misshapen labia. These are the two flaps of skin on the vaginal opening. Sometimes, they can become misshapen due to the labours of childbirth. This can sometimes cause pain when wearing certain clothes as well as occasional discomfort during intercourse. It can also significantly affect a woman’s self esteem.

Luckily, there is a course of action if you do have concerns about your labia. It’s a cosmetic surgery procedure called labioplasty.

What is Labioplasty?

Labioplasty is a surgical procedure that reduces the size or reshapes the lips of the vagina. It is performed under a light anesthetic. Small incisions are made and the excess tissue is removed or reshaped. Although the incisions are quite small, they still require stitches, which will dissolve of their own accord within a few days.

This surgery has no effect on the clitoris and will not negatively affect any sexual sensation. Many patients often report an increase in sexual sensation after the operation.

What can I expect during recovery?

Immediately after the surgery, you can be quite groggy due to the anesthetic so it is imperative that you have someone drive you home. You will feel some discomfort for a couple of days following the procedure, which can be easily managed with pain medication.

The day after surgery, you will be able to resume light activities. You should take between 5-10 days off of work to allow your body ample time to heal. Although, you will feel normal a week or two after surgery, it is imperative that you abstain from intercourse for at least 35-40 days following the procedure.

It is interesting that an area that is so private can be the cause of such anxiety for women. If you are concerned about your vagina, make an appointment to see one of our specialists who can help you feel more at home in your own body. 


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