5 questions to ask your surgeon before any procedure

August 23, 2017

If you are considering undergoing any type of surgery, it is important that you feel well-informed and comfortable with all aspects of the procedure before you commit to it—this begins with the conversations you have with your surgeon.

It can be hard to know where to start sometimes, so start off by asking your surgeon these five questions to help you find out more about what to expect from the procedure and decide if you are comfortable going ahead with it.

1.   What are the risks associated with the procedure?

Every surgical procedure will carry some risks. The key to ensuring your surgical procedure is as safe as possible, is to gain a thorough understanding of the risks associated with the procedure before you commit to it.

Your surgeon has an obligation to ensure you understand the risks associated with your procedure before you undertake it, but if during the consultation your surgeon tells you anything which you are not comfortable with, it is of paramount importance that you raise this with the surgeon and request a more in-depth explanation.

Ultimately, you should not commit to any surgical procedure unless you feel that you have been appropriately informed about the potential risks.

2.   What results have you achieved for other clients?

Can your surgeon provide examples of the results they have achieved for other patients? Past performance is usually a good indicator of future performance, so if they can demonstrate that they have been able to achieve good results for other clients, generally they should be able to achieve a similar result for you.

While the individual circumstances and desired outcomes for each patient will vary, a skilled and experienced surgeon should be able to achieve a good result in a variety of scenarios. If your surgeon is unable to provide examples of past procedures. 

3.   What post-operative care will I receive?

The care you receive following a surgical procedure is often just as important as the surgical procedure itself. If you experience complications following a procedure and they are not identified quickly or addressed appropriately, they could result in more serious issues.

Your surgeon or clinic should provide a reasonable number of check-ups following your surgical procedure to ensure everything is healing as it should, as Round-the-clock 24 hr contact details should be provided so you can seek immediate medical advice if needed.

4.   How much will the procedure cost?

While cost shouldn’t be the deciding factor when selecting the best surgeon to perform your procedure, it is still an important factor.

If you cannot afford a particular elective procedure, it is possibly in your best interests to wait until you are in a better financial position to look into it further rather than simply opting for the cheapest option.  The cheapest option may not provide the same level of safety or deliver as good a result as your preferred surgeon would.

5.   How much experience do you have?

Having an experienced surgeon perform your procedure is crucial to the results you can expect to achieve, particularly when considering cosmetic surgery. While your surgeon may be qualified in a specific field, no amount of training can add up to the value of experience.

Not only does years of experience mean your surgeon is more likely to achieve a better result, it also means they are likely to have a more in-depth understanding of the patient experience before, during and after the procedure and will therefore be able to provide you with better guidance and support throughout the entire experience.

Why choose ME Clinic?

With more than 30 years experience, ME Clinic features some of Australia’s and the United States’ most experienced Cosmetic Surgeons who share the same ideals and beliefs ensuring that each patient’s experience is positive and nurturing—an approach which helps patients get the most out of the surgery and achieve the desired results.

We are a medicine first practice, where our patients’ needs and requirements always come first. There is no substitute for the extent of our experience, having performed surgery for more than 25,000 patients, as well as providing more than 60,000 medical treatments. With an unparalleled safety, patient after care and patient satisfaction record, you know you are in good hands when you choose ME Clinic.

Read more about ME Clinic, meet our team of friendly staff or contact us to arrange a no obligation consultation with one of our experienced surgeons.


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