Considering Cosmetic Surgery - What to expect at your initial consultation.

March 30, 2018

You have called or sent an email enquiry through to me clinic and have made the decision to book yourself an appointment. This can be exciting for some and make others a little nervous.

We do advise patients to allocate a minimum of one to one and a half hours to their appointment at me clinic, so please allow yourself ample time.

Here we explain what happens on the day of your consultation.

A few days before your appointment.

We will send a reminder SMS a few days before your scheduled appointment. You will be asked to confirm your appointment. 

Your Consultation 

Welcome from reception
Our warm and friendly patient consultants welcome you and check you in. You will need to fill in some registration forms with some basic detail. Name, Address, Medical history, meds etc.

Consultation with your surgeon
Your surgeon will call you into the consultation room and welcome you. You will be asked the reasons which bought you to me clinic and what your expectations are, plus go over your previous medical history, any health concerns and past surgery. It is important to answer any questions honestly and with as much correct information as possible.

You will be asked to change into a robe for an assessment of the areas of concern. Photos may be taken depending on the surgery you are seeking advice on. Your surgeon will discuss these areas and also provide expert feedback from their experience. For example, you may want liposuction to the abdomen but your surgeon may suggest you consider your abdomen and upper hips instead and a reason will be provided. Be aware that your thoughts prior to your consultation may be different based on your surgeons advice.

Following you assessment your surgeon will ask you to change from you robe and will then go through risks and complications of surgery as well as answer any questions you may have about their recommendations.

Patient Consultant

Following your discussions with our surgeons you will be introduced to our patient consultants . The role of our patient consultants is to go through your surgical quote and the process involved with booking surgery. Your patient consultant will discuss the Terms and Conditions, Payment Options, the process involved in how to book surgery and what the next steps are.

Our patient consultants will contact you in the next week in response to any queries you may have. If you require a follow up appointment with our surgeons we are happy to arrange this for you.

We want you to leave me clinic feeling confident and knowledgeable about your procedure, the risks and the process involved.



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