Does a face lift leave scars? What are the non-surgical options?

May 28, 2018

If you’ve started to notice more prevalent lines and wrinkles or loose and sagging facial skin and think it could benefit from a little ‘pick-me-up’, you may be considering whether a face lift is the answer.


One of the most common concerns we hear from clients enquiring about face lift procedures is ‘will it leave scarring?’. Because everyone’s circumstances are different there is no simple answer to this, so let’s take a look at the different types of face lift procedures and some of the non-surgical alternative treatment options.


Face lift procedures


A face lift (also known as a Rhytidectomy) is possibly the most effective way to address a range of facial and skin issues including deep lines and wrinkles, lax and sagging skin and advanced skin ageing.


There are two main types of face lift procedures that will each achieve different results: suture face lifts and traditional face lifts.


A suture face lift (which is also commonly known as a thread lift, APTOS, stitch lift, skin stitch, feather lift or Hollywood lift) is a minimally invasive face lift procedure that is suitable for treating moderate cases of ageing skin. During a suture face lift, fine threads are attached to underlying facial tissue and tightened to reposition loose or droopy areas of the skin on the face or neck. The sutures are usually anchored behind the hairline or ears, they cannot be seen and they last for many years. The sutures can be tightened and adjusted if required. As no excess skin needs to be removed, a suture face lift should not result in any scarring.


In contrast, a traditional face lift is an effective way of treating more advanced cases of loose and sagging skin, when a suture face lift may not be suitable. A traditional face lift involves a surgical incision in front of and behind the ears and hairline to remove loose and excess skin. It may result in some scarring around the ears and hairline, however this will usually fade over time.


As every face is different, you should seek advice from a cosmetic surgeon about the most appropritate face lift procedure for you. It is important you select an experienced and reputable surgeon with the skill and expertise to minimise the apperance of any scarring left and to achieve the best possible results.


Non-surgical alternatives


If you don’t think a face lift is the right procedure for you, there are a range of other non-surgical treatment options that can effectively treat fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Dermal fillers: Dermal fillers are injected into targeted areas to restore elasticity and fullness and to fill out lines and furrows, resulting in a younger, softer appearance. Find out more here


  • Co2 Laser: A carbon dioxide laser beam is used to produce controllable residual thermal damage that triggers the skin to repair itself and produce additional collagen, which can result in a reduction in wrinkles. The laser settings can also be adjusted to effectively treat deep lines and wrinkles. Find out more here


  • Erbium Laser: Uses the controlledremoval of skin layers to stimulate the body’s own collagen to tighten and smooth the skin. It is effective in treating fine lines and wrinkles and moderate deep lines and wrinkles. Find out more here


  • Factor 4: One of the most advanced anti-ageing treatments on the market, the treatment uses the plasma from the patient’s own blood which contains anti-inflammatory, growth and repair factors to treat wrinkles, crepey skin on the face, neck and decoletage and a range of other conditions. Find out more here


  • Facial fat transfer treatments: Fat is removed from suitable areas of your body by liposuction, then transferred to targeted areas in the face to plump up facial features and restore a more youthful appearance. Find out more here


  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy: Platelets are isolated from the patient’s own blood, then mixed with a small quantity of plasma before being injected into the patient. The platelets work to accelerate tissue repair and regeneration, promoting the healing of connective tissue and the development of new blood vessels and collagen production. Find out more here


  • Stem cell therapy: Uses the patient’s own stem cells to aid in the repair and regeneration of ageing tissue in the body. Find out more here


While these treatments can be a great way to address fine lines and wrinkles, they may not be as effective in treating more severe cases of deep lines and wrinkles, lax and sagging skin and advanced skin ageing.


By attending a personal consultation with one of our skilled and experienced surgeons or clinicians, we can recommend the ideal treatment option/s for your specific condition. Contact us to arrange a consultation and find out more about the available treatment options.


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