It’s a guy thing: Top cosmetic treatments for men

October 10, 2018


Gone are the days where it was thought that cosmetic surgery was only for women.


Today, cosmetic surgery is more popular among males than it has ever been before and at Me Clinic, we’ve helped countless men enhance their physical appearance and improve their confidence through a range of cosmetic procedures and treatments.


While most cosmetic treatments we perform at ME Clinic are suitable for both men and women, here’s an overview of some of the more popular cosmetic treatments among our male patients.


Cosmetic Ear Surgery/Otoplasty


It’s common for men to suffer from large, protruding, distorted or damaged ears—conditions which are often further emphasised by short haircuts.


Cosmetic Ear Surgery (also known as Otoplasty, Ear Pinning or Ear Reduction Surgery) is a popular treatment option if you want to reduce the visibility of large or protruding ears, reshape distorted or damaged ears, or change the shape of the ears to achieve a more balanced or symmetrical appearance.


Depending on what you want to achieve, the procedure could involve either reducing the size of the ears, setting them closer to the head to reduce protrusion or modifying the cartilage to alter the shape or appearance of the ear.


Most patients will experience some bruising and swelling following cosmetic ear surgery, which usually subsides within one week. Patients will also be advised to wear a headband for between one and two weeks following the procedure to aid the healing process.


Male Breast Surgery


If you feel embarrassed or self-conscious about going to the beach or taking your shirt off because of Gynaecomastia (or so called ‘man boobs’), there’s no need to continue feeling that way. Male Breast Surgery provides a simple and effective way to achieve a more masculine-looking chest.


By using liposuction, excess fat can be removed from the chest area in a relatively straight-forward procedure. If you have a more significant case of Gynaecomastia, a small incision can be made below the nipple to remove the excess breast tissue.


You’ll most likely need to wear a compression garment for around three to six weeks following the procedure, but should be able to return to normal activities within two to three weeks.




Excess fat in ‘problem areas’ is not only an issue for women. Many men also suffer from an excess of body fat around their waist line (love handles), stomachs or other areas of the body. Instead of surrendering to the ‘dad bod’ or a physique you’re unhappy with, Liposuction provides a fast and effective way to achieve a more proportionate shape.


By extracting unwanted fat cells from troublesome areas of the body using a vacuum technique, you can immediately reduce the volume and size of those areas with permanent results. Liposuction is combined with body sculpting techniques to achieve a more pleasing shape and contour.


Anti-wrinkle injections


Facial lines and wrinkles affect men in much the same way as they do for women. An unavoidable part of the ageing process is that collagen starts to disappear from our skin. Unsightly lines and creases gradually become more prominent and age us beyond our years.


Anti-wrinkle injections essentially slow this process by relaxing the facial muscles, making them unable to move to the degree they normally do. This results in smoother skin which is less prone to wrinkling and furrowing.


The treatment is safe and effective, can be performed in a matter of minutes, and you’ll generally be able to notice the effects for between three to six months before they gradually fade away.


Find out more


At Me Clinic, we get it. Regardless of gender, undergoing a cosmetic procedure can seem a little daunting, particularly if you’ve never done it before.


That’s why our professional team of surgeons, nurses, consultants and aestheticians take the time to ensure our patients receive the best advice and guidance about their treatment options. We know that privacy is paramount and make every effort to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible from the moment you walk through our door.


Simply book a personal consultation with ME Clinic and you’ll be well on your way to finding a better version of you.


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