Need to get that bikini body fast?

November 23, 2018


Since it first hit the scene in the mid-1940s, the bikini has since become the standard uniform for most of us whether we’re enjoying a tropical holiday, spending a day at the beach or relaxing pool-side.


With summer fast approaching, you’ve probably been watching what you eat and practicing your workout regime for months now so you know you’ll look fantastic when the time comes to sport your favourite itsy-bitsy bikini—but if you haven’t, all hope is not lost.


If you’ve left it to the last minute to get into shape for summer and still have a few kilos you need to shift and fast, liposuction could be the solution.


The lowdown on liposuction


The idea of having liposuction treatment may seem a little daunting if you’ve never had it before. However, as one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery since it first rose to popularity in the early 1980s, liposuction is a safe, tried-and-tested way to eliminate unwanted fatty deposits and quickly shed a few extra kilos.


Performed on thousands of men and women each year, liposuction can help you achieve a more pleasing and proportionate shape. The fat underneath our skin contains millions of individual fat cells, which once removed, are gone permanently. This means future weight gain is only possible from the expansion of any remaining fat cells.


Liposuction methods


The most common liposuction technique is Tumescent Liposuction. Performed under either local or general anaesthetic, a small specially designed cannula is inserted through a small incision (in an inconspicuous location) on the skin, before fat cells are delicately extracted while ensuring other tissues are not damaged. Liposculpture, which involves sculpting and shaping the body while fat cells are being removed, is also usually performed when undergoing Tumescent Liposuction.


Other forms of liposuction treatment such as Ultrasound Liposuction and Laser Lipolysis are also growing in popularity. Ultrasound Liposuction works by using an ultrasound device which melts fat cells, allowing for more precise targeting of fat cells, while Laser Lipolysis utilises laser light to ‘hear’ and melt fat and contract collagen fibres, also resulting in tighter skin.


What to expect following liposuction


While liposuction treatment should be painless, it is common for patients to notice some bruising, swelling or discomfort immediately following the procedure (which usually subsides within a week or two).


The amount of time required to achieve a full recovery will depend on the area treated and the volume of fat removed (recovery may take longer where more extensive liposuction is performed), but most patients are able to return to non-strenuous work within a week following the procedure.


Generally, patients will need to avoid attempting intense activities like intense gym work-outs for at least 10 days following the procedure and are encouraged to wear compression garments for four to six weeks to aid recovery and achieve optimum results.


Liposuction at ME Clinic


At Me Clinic, our team of highly trained surgeons, physicians and nurses have more than 30 years experience providing liposuction treatments and have performed more than 10,000 procedures. We take the time to listen to your needs and fully explain the various treatment options and the expected results, so you can make an informed decision about your treatment.


To find out more, book your personal consultation with one of the highly skilled and experienced surgeons at Me Clinic and take the first step toward achieving your ideal summer bikini body.

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