Fact Vs Fiction: Common misconceptions about liposuction

March 06, 2019

With more than 30,000 procedures performed in 2017, liposuction is now one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Australia—and it doesn’t surprise us one little bit!

While it would be great to be born with a naturally flawless physique and perfectly smooth contours, the reality is, that’s only the case for a lucky few. For those of us who need a helping hand to achieve our ideal figure, liposuction provides a safe, fast and effective way to get there.

While you may have considered having liposuction at one point or another, you may have been discouraged for one reason or another. There are a lot of myths out there about what liposuction really involves, so to help you sort the facts from fiction, we explain some of the most common misconceptions about liposuction.


Liposuction hurts


A question many patients have when considering liposuction is - will it hurt?Liposuction is almost always conducted using general anaesthetic, so the patient is entirely unaware the procedure is happening. Even in cases where a patient is not a suitable candidate for general anaesthetic, the procedure can be performed using local anaesthetic, allowing for a pain-free procedure.


The weight comes back


One of the largest misconceptions about liposuction is that the weight will come straight back following the procedure, but that’s not the case. While some weight gain after liposuction is possible, the removal of fat is essentially permanent. Here’s why…

The body stops producing new fat cells after puberty, so when fat cells are removed through liposuction, they can’t come back. Having said that, any remaining fat cells can still expand if you don’t stick to a healthy eating and exercise regime, however your body should maintain the same general physique or contour. That’s why liposuction is such a popular choice for so many of us!


Liposuction is only good for removing belly fat


It’s true that liposuction can be extremely effective at targeting unwanted belly fat, however, what many people don’t realise is that it can also be used to remove unwanted fat from a range of other areas of the body.

From the waist, back, hips and legs, to the inner and outer thighs, calves, ankles, upper arms, mons pubis and male chest, liposuction is a safe, fast and effective way to treat everything from a bulging belly and unflattering thighs, to man boobs or tuck-shop arms.

If you’re concerned about more than one problem area, we can generally also treat multiple areas of the body in a single procedure. We often also combine liposuction with liposculpture, which serves to sculpt and shape the body to achieve a more proportionate shape, allowing you to achieve an overall improved physique in one go.


Liposuction is invasive


While traditional liposuction is an invasive procedure, liposuction techniques have evolved over the years and patients now have the option to select from a range of other minimally-invasive and non-invasive alternatives.

While tumescent liposuction is still the most commonly performed method of liposuction because it can be completed in a short time and offers a fast recovery with minimal discomfort and bruising, newer methods including ultrasound liposuction and laser lipolysis provide patients with a less-invasive alternative.

If you’re concerned about having liposuction and would prefer a similar treatment that is only minimally invasive, ultrasound liposuction is a good option—by using heat to break down the fat cells from the surrounding tissue, the technique allows for much easier extraction of the fat cells which usually results in a shorter recovery period following the procedure.

If ultrasound liposuction sounds like too much for you, laser lipolysis is another completely non-invasive alternative which uses light to melt fat cells and contract collagen fibres to tighten the skin. The melted fat can then be removed via traditional liposuction, or left for the body to remove through its natural processes.


There’s a long and painful recovery period


One of the biggest concerns for many of our patients is the expected recovery period. With most of us trying our best to manage various work, family and other commitments, few of us can afford a lot of downtime.

Symptoms and recovery period will vary according to the individual, there’s no hard and fast rule on what to expect following liposuction; however, many of our patients are surprised to learn that the recovery period is usually a lot shorter than they first expected.

Most patients can expect to experience some bruising and swelling, as well as some discomfort similar to that following a strenuous gym workout in the days following the procedure, with most swelling and tenderness gone after a week or two.

If you thought you’d need to take several weeks off work to allow for your recovery, it’s probably not necessary—most of our patients are able to return to non-strenuous work with two or three days following the procedure, but on occasion it can take up to a week before they feel ready to return to work.


Find out more about liposuction at Me Clinic


If you’re thinking about having liposuction, Me Clinic is the clinic of choice. 

Liposuction is our specialty, and performing hundreds of liposuction procedures every year, our surgeons are some of the most experienced doctors in the field. With a reputation built on ensuring every one of our customers looks and feels great, our client satisfaction and safety records are unparalleled in the industry. 

To find out more or to discuss what you’d like to achieve with liposuction, contact us to arrange your personal consultation with a Me Clinic surgeon.


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