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June 06, 2019

get these cosmetic treatments in winter

Winter is upon us again. As we pull out our winter woollies and prepare ourselves for what is sure to bring some very cold mornings and even colder nights, it may help to focus on the up-side of the cool winter weather—it could be the best time of the year to have that cosmetic treatment you’ve been thinking about.


While most cosmetic treatments can be performed all year-round, there are a few treatments that are better suited to the cooler months. Here are our top cosmetic treatments for winter.


Laser skin treatments


If you have been considering having facial rejuvenation laser treatment such as Fraxel or CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing, winter would have to be the best time of year for it. This is largely because the treatments cannot be performed when your skin is either tanned or sunburnt—both of which are less likely to be an issue during winter.


It is also important you protect your skin following the treatment to allow it to heal and recover. As you’re less likely to spend time outdoors in the sun around this time of the year, it should also be easier to protect your skin so you can achieve the best result.


Laser skin treatments often also require multiple sessions or treatments be spaced several weeks apart. If you want glowing, radiant skin by the time next summer rolls around, now is the time to get started.


Vein treatments


With the exception of Endovenous Laser Ablation Treatments (EVLT) which can be performed at any time of the year, there are a few reasons why most varicose vein treatments are better suited to the cooler months.


Not only will you be more comfortable wearing the post-treatment compression stockings in the cooler weather, but you are also less likely to be involved in strenuous activity which could hinder your recovery.


It is also common for patients to experience some bruising and discolouration following treatment, and on occasion, it can take several weeks or even months to notice a significant improvement in the appearance of treated veins. By treating your varicose veins during winter, you will have ample time to make a complete recovery before you want to get back into your shorts or skirts when the warmer weather sets in.




Liposuction is another popular cosmetic procedure that is best suited to the cooler months. While the effects of liposuction are immediate, it is common for patients to experience some swelling and bruising following treatment which can take several weeks to subside.


While liposuction is performed by making only very small incisions, it can also be beneficial to allow some extra time for any residual scarring to lighten and ensure your ‘bikini body’ is in tip-top shape when the warm weather hits.


Tummy Tuck


The key reason tummy tuck surgery is best performed during winter is because it can be done very discreetly. As the surgery usually involves the removal of fat and tissue from the abdominal area, the results are immediately noticeable.


Opting to have the surgery during winter makes it easier to conceal the change to your physique along with any compression garments you are wearing with loose or bulky clothing. You will also be able to recover in the comfort of your own home without feeling like you’re missing out on the warm summer weather.


A tummy tuck can take several months before you realise the final result, so a winter procedure also provides extra time for your new body to prepare for the swimsuit season.


Mole Removal


Winter is also the ideal time for mole removal, primarily because the skin will heal and repair more quickly when you avoid sun exposure. Scars are also highly sensitive to UV rays, and sun exposure can cause dark brown pigmentation to appear around the skin and scar which can last months or even years before fading.


While you should never wait to have any potentially dangerous moles removed, it is also an ideal time to have these moles removed before they can be exposed to any more harmful UV radiation.


Facial Surgery


If you are considering having facial surgery such as cosmetic eye surgery (blepharoplasty), cosmetic ear surgery (otoplasty) or a surgical facelift (rhytidectomy), you would also be best placed to schedule it during the winter.


For similar reasons to what we mentioned for mole removal, avoiding exposure to the sun will allow your skin to heal and repair quicker, while also reducing the risk of causing dark pigmentation to appear on the skin or around any scars.


Breast Surgery


The winter months are also the perfect time to schedule breast surgery. Whether it is a breast enhancement, reduction or augmentation procedure, any type of breast surgery will require some downtime to allow you to recover. While a full recovery may only take a few weeks, it can take longer for some patients.


Scheduling your breast surgery during winter will allow sufficient time for a complete recovery so you are looking and feeling great in time to make the most of the warm summer days.


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