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Things you might not know about cosmetic eye surgery | Me Clinic

August 15, 2019

cosmetic eye surgery


If you suffer from heavy, sagging or hooded eyelids or unsightly bags underneath the eyes that give you that ‘always tired’ look, cosmetic eye surgery may be the solution.

Whether you know it best as upper or lower blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery or an eyelid lift, cosmetic eye surgery can instantly create a more youthful, refreshed and vibrant appearance. Depending on your condition, most patients have the option to undergo an upper, lower or combined blepharoplasty which can effectively correct eyelid issues.

As with any type of cosmetic surgery, it’s important to be fully informed about every aspect of the procedure so you know what you’re committing yourself to.

If you’re considering having cosmetic eye surgery but first want to know a little more about the procedure, here are a few things you might not have known to help you decide if it could be right for you.

You won’t see any scars

The eyes are such a prominent and noticeable feature, so it is understandable that you may be concerned about the procedure leaving scars. While in some circumstances a light scar may be necessary to achieve the best result, most procedures can be performed in a way that will leave no noticeable scars.


If you are undergoing a lower blepharoplasty, the procedure is usually performed by making the incision from inside the eyelid, ensuring a completely scar-free result.


When undergoing an upper blepharoplasty, you should have the option between either laser or conventional surgery. Conventional surgery may be required in some cases, however, if you are a suitable candidate for laser surgery, you can expect to achieve an excellent result. The laser technology used allows us to very precisely remove the excess skin while causing less bleeding. If there is any residual scarring, it will be buried in the crease of the eyelid and should be less visible.


The procedure almost painless

When dealing with an area as delicate and sensitive as the eyes, it’s understandable that some patients are hesitant to undergo cosmetic eye surgery out of fear that the procedure itself will be painful or distressing—however, this isn’t the case. Cosmetic eye surgery is only performed using anaesthetic and sedation so the patient is as comfortable as possible.


At Me Clinic, our patients are given the option between a local anaesthetic with sedation or without sedation.


If you opt for a local anaesthetic, the procedure itself will be almost pain-free. While you will still be awake throughout the procedure, the local anaesthetic will also be combined with light sedation to reduce your level of awareness to help you to remain calm and relaxed throughout the entire procedure.


While a local anaesthetic with sedation is suitable for many patients, some patients may struggle with the idea of being conscious during the procedure. Where this is the case, a general anaesthetic may be a more suitable option that will ensure the patient is completely unaware the procedure is taking place.


It’s not only used to treat ageing eyes

While cosmetic eye surgery is most commonly performed to reverse the ageing process and create a more youthful appearance, it can also be performed to change the general shape of the eyes.


If you have small or squinty eyes, cosmetic eye surgery could help to create wider, more open eyes. While blepharoplasty won’t alter the position or shape of sagging eyebrows or treat crows feet, it can create larger, rounder eyes by tightening the skin on the upper or lower eyelids and reinforcing the underlying muscles and tendons.

There are non-surgical alternatives

While it’s very effective, the surgical solution isn’t for everyone. If you need a way to treat your droopy eyes but would prefer not to go down the path of cosmetic eye surgery, there are other options available. Cosmetic treatments such as anti-ageing injections or dermal fillers provide a non-invasive way to achieve a similar result to the surgical alternative.


Anti-ageing injections can be used to target key muscles around the eyes to relieve the downward pressure that’s causing the skin to stretch and sag, allowing the forehead to lift the brow several millimetres, while dermal fillers can achieve a similar effect by adding volume to selected locations to pull and hold lax or sagging skin taut.


The key downside of these alternatives is that the results will only be temporary, requiring an ongoing treatment plan to keep you looking your best. If you’re open to the idea of having cosmetic eye surgery, the non-surgical alternatives can be a good way to sample the results you’re likely to achieve from surgery before you commit to it.


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