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7 things to consider before your liposuction procedure

January 05, 2020


Here are some interesting facts about liposuction. We would be happy to discuss your surgical  requirements with you. Please call our patient consultants to arrange your appointment. 

  • Liposuction works best if you exercise regularly and control your diet on a regular basis. This is applicable for both pre and post surgery.
  • You should follow a relatively stable pattern of food intake ensuring you have a healthy and nutritious diet prior to and following liposuction. This will help you achieve and maintain long lasting results.
  • You may not be a suitable candidate for Liposuction if you have a high BMI or excessive loose/lax skin.
  • If you have firm, elastic skin, you will tend to see a better contoured result after liposuction than if you have a lot of excess skin or skin with a lot of laxity.
  • If you have loose skin it will not automatically reshape itself to your new contours. You need to remember that your skin does not always ‘bounce back’. If this is the case you may require additional surgical procedures to remove and/or tighten your excess skin
  • Cellulite can not be treated with Liposuction – don’t expect significant improvement to areas with cellulite
  • You must remember that Liposuction is NOT an alternative to a healthy lifestyle and you should keep your expectations REALISTIC .

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