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Me Clinic pioneers the use of combined Thread Lift and Dermal Filler treatments for optimum results.

January 06, 2020


For decades, the only way to address problems caused by saggy facial skin, loose jowls, and heaviness in the lower face was facelift surgery. These days, there are much less invasive treatment options with minimal downtime such as "dermal fillers” and non-surgical “thread lifts”.

The technology with thread lift has advanced significantly over the last 20 years, and the convenience of this non-surgical option are the reasons why thread lift procedures are gaining so much popularity as an effective treatment.

Many people however, are confused about how they actually work and what results can these treatment options achieve. We hope to clear up some confusion.

To put it quite simply:

Fillers are for Volume and Thread Lifts are for Lifting.

The filler’s purpose is to fill and add volume, and the threads are used to lift saggy skin.

Therefore, fillers are NOT effective to LIFT saggy skin, despite what filler companies and many practitioners (who do not do thread lifts) might tell you.

While fillers have their use in supporting deep tissue hollowing, adding too much volume with fillers can often worsen the look of what is already a heavy lower face. See below for images of celebrities who appear to have added too much filler and the resultant change in their appearance.

At the Me Clinic we have pioneered the use of thread lifts and dermal fillers in combined treatments to achieve optimal natural results for patients for both “Lifting and Volumising”.

Our combined treatments achieve a more natural appearance in line with your own natural physiology and avoid the undesirable “puffy” and “bloated” appearance. These combined  treatments fit in with our Preventative Cosmetic Medicine philosophy of our surgeons, doctors and injectors recommending to patients the least invasive treatments in the first instance.



Meg Ryan 

Melanie Griffiths

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The aging process involves various layers of the face: skin, muscle, bone, fat and ligaments.

While the thread lift repositions the saggy skin, volume is still required to restore the natural and normal appearance of the patient. The filler treatment occurs at the same time as the thread lift by our treating doctor.

Depending on the patient’s requirements it is not uncommon to inject a small amount of filler (1-3ml) to add volume or “fill” in areas where the face has “hollowed” where the thread lift has not corrected it. As such a thread lift and dermal filler treatment are complementary procedures and achieve better results combined than as single stand-alone treatments.


Along with dermal fillers at Me Clinic we have had great success with other complementary treatments such as skin rejuvenation injections, known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments, fat-dissolve injections, anti-wrinkle injections and certain laser types.


Our experiences have shown that a combined thread lift, and dermal filler treatment may cost more up front; but over the life of the combined treatment the cost is comparable if not less expensive to a number of dermal filler treatments that would not produce these optimal results on their own.


Like with any cosmetic medical procedure, it is important to ensure that the doctor performing the procedure is a qualified medical practitioner and has extensively trained and is experienced with thread lift.

Our surgeons and doctors have many years of training and Dr Ashley was one of the first pioneering surgeons to perform a thread lift procedure in Australia in 2001.

We are now pioneering the combined thread lift and dermal filler treatments for the most optimal results for our patients.

Dr Gordon Ku has performed hundreds of thread lift procedures year after year and is Australia’s leading expert on non-surgical thread lift. He was also the first Australian doctor to represent Australia to demonstrate thread lift live on stage at an international conference in Seoul, South Korea.

Dr. Gordon has over 20 years of experience since graduating from the University of Melbourne and regularly lectures and teaches doctors on thread lifts, advanced cosmetic injectables and facial anatomy in Australia, Paris and Dubai.

Dr. Gordon is also a Fellow and an official trainer for the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS), has been board certified by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM), and awarded Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).

If you are wondering if a thread lift is suitable for you, please book a consultation with Dr Gordon Ku to discuss about the procedure and the treatment options.


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