Ageing naturally with a little help

Some of us would love to reap the benefits of the powerful results of Fraxel Laser or IPL but unfortunately our busy lifestyles restrict us from having the time out for the recovery period. There are other options available that offer amazing results with minimal downtime.

Medical Peels – offer firmer softer skin, increased hydration, refine pores, reduce pigmentation, healthier glow and reduce congestion.

Skin Needling – a revolutionary approach that stimulates collagen and elastin using micro fine needles with minimal downtime.

Both of these treatments offer a gentle approach naturally stimulating your collagen and elastin.

We also offer an amazing VIP Program that reduces the costs of peels dramatically over a six month period. Once a month will only cost $99 instead of up to $200 and you also get 10% off all skin care and make up products.

Over these six months we will educate you about your skin and recommend medical skin care that will promote a healthier functioning skin. After six months your skin will be transformed gently. There is no downtime and minimal discomfort.

So if you are concerned with acne, ageing, pigmentation or capillaries. We have a solution to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Call the me clinic on 9569 3511 to book your appointment with our dermal clincian, Michelle to have your skin assessed and a treatment plan organised for you.

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