giddy up – time to get ready for the spring racing carnival!

Along with a killer hat and dress combo, the most sought after accessory for spring racing is perfect skin. Invest in anti-ageing treatments now, that will see you through the event season and well into the new year…

1. Wrinkle Reduction – Anti Wrinkle injections.

Anti-wrinkle injections can smooth away crow’s feet and frown lines for the season of parties. It’s best to get your anti-wrinkle injections in the next month so that you are fully prepared for the Grand Final Parties and the Spring Racing Carnival. The treatment lasts three to four months so you can get your next treatment at the end of December just in time for Christmas and New Years Eve.

We use TGA approved Anti-wrinkle injections for your safety and our injectors all have many years of experience to ensure a natural looking result.

2. Dermal fillers – Rejuvenate your lips, reduce dark circles under the eyes, create new contours with cheek enhancement.

Dermal fillers always get a bad wrap these days. We have all seen big lips and overfilled cheeks. But what you need to understand is that the difference between a bad result and an excellent result is the experience and the aesthetic eye of your injector of the dermal filler. No two cosmetic practitioners are the same.

We use dissolvable fillers made from a sugar molecule. The fillers are carefully and artistically placed to ensure a natural looking outcome. We understand you want to look like you have just returned from a great holiday refreshed, not overstuffed and obvious. This is possible.

You should think about having your dermal filler treatments in September or October so that you are rejuvenated for the party season. These products last 12-18 months.

3. Skin Rejuvenation – Skin Boosters – light dermal fillers for improving your skin condition.

Everybody wants glowing skin. As we age our skin thins out and it decreases in collagen and elastin. You can use light dermal fillers placed into the skin with a device that injects tiny amounts of filler all over the face. There is NO change in your contours or your lips. This superficial thin filler hydrates and thickens the skin.

This treatment requires three sessions, two weeks apart (so a total treatment time of six weeks). You would want to start this treatment in September so that your skin is rejuvenated for the Spring Carnival.

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