Personalised Breast Augmentation for $9,900

At the me clinic we are offering personalised Breast Augmentation procedures for $9,900 all inclusive.

personalised service | choice of implants – round or tear drop accredited hospital | highly skilled anaesthetist | general anaesthetic | unlimited free after care | experienced surgeons


Our procedures are tailored to suit your body, skin and physiology and of course your personal requirements. This includes surgical fees, theatre, hospital and anaesthetists costs.

Unlike cut price cosmetic surgery clinics (who have been in the news lately) that offer a “one size fits all and production line approach”, we offer our patients a personalised service for their Breast Augmnentation procedure with multiple choices of implant sizes and choices between round or tear drop shaped implants.

Our Breast Augmentation procedures are performed under general anaesthetic in an accredited Day Hospital with an experience and highly trained anaesthetist.

Our patients receive unlimited free after care, as we are with you for your entire surgical experience and life afterwards.


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Complimentary consultations are available on selected dates with Dr Tony.

Call the me clinic on 9569 3511 to find out more about the me clinic personalised approach to Breast Augmentation.

Download our breast augmentation brochure here.

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