Summer Skin Tips

December 03, 2015

1.    Pigmentation
Be aware of commonly used chemical sunscreen as they may cause irritation in the skin which can stimulate pigmentation. We recommend using non chemical suncreeens such as Cosmedixs Reflect which has natural SPF reflectors.

2.    Sun Exposure does not necessary mean laying on the beach with no sunscreen
Sun exposure is as simple as driving the car or walking  to the shops for 10 minutes without protection. Small amounts of exposure can cause premature ageing and pigmentation,  so don't forgot to lather up as every minute counts.

3.     Environmental
Air conditioners are a big factor in the summer for our skin becoming dehydrated and sensitive so we recommend you increase your use of hyaluronic acid such as our PCA Hydrating serum which is excellent for preventing unwanted dehydration.

4.    Chemical V Non chemical Sunscreens
Non Chemical sunscreens like Cosmedix Reflect are prescribed for every day use. These sunscreens are not water resistant however they are generally light weight, oil free and layer perfectly under your make up.
Chemical suncreens like Aspect Environmental SPF 30 are prescribed by your skin professional and don't contain common harmful chemicals . These are prescribed for  extreme conditions such as exercising or perspiring as they are water resistant and will not perspire off the skin.

5.    Do you have a sunroof in your car?
Don't underestimate the damages caused  by your sunroof or convertible  even with your SPF applied. Extra protection must be considered eg Hat and/or scarf.  Remember ageing also applies to our necks and décolletage which is often overlooked.

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