What’s the difference between these facelift procedures?

March 13, 2020

facelift lines

A facelift is unquestionably the gold-standard in anti-ageing treatments, revered for its ability to dramatically improve the signs of facial ageing and instantly wipe away the years. However, not a

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Want to treat yourself this Christmas?

December 23, 2019
Forget about make-up, candles or perfume—gift yourself one of these favourite cosmetic procedures which you’ll be sure to love long after the festive season ends

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Non-surgical alternatives to a facelift

July 22, 2019
Few treatments are as effective at eliminating facial wrinkles and sagging than a facelift. As your skin loses its collagen and elasticity and your once youthful skin begins to age, a facelift works to tighten and reposition loose or droopy skin and wipe the years away—however, a facelift isn’t for everyone.

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