Tottie Goldsmith on Preventative Cosmetic Medicine Part Two

What are your thoughts on women’s beauty now compared to 35 years ago?

Well 35 years ago, I didn’t have to think about it. Haha! I was in my 20s and all that mattered were shoulder pads, blue eye shadow, big hair and a dance floor. I don’t think there was a strong emphasis on it to be honest. If you used Oil Of Ulan, you were looking after your skin. We used to bake in the sun with our face exposed; I am now dealing with the ramifications of that ignorance. I think the emphasis on woman’s beauty is quite profound nowadays in both a positive and negative way.

Positive in the sense that we are aware that we need to respect our skin to look our best as we age, as well as to avoid skin cancer. Negative in that our young are overly conscious of their looks. They don’t seem to enjoy their natural youthful beauty and ‘copy cat’ the American ideal of what beauty is. What are your thoughts on people who eat to live versus those who live to eat? I’m an ‘eat to live’ girl. Clearly looking at food from a health perspective is (thankfully) on the rise. You just need to look at the health food sections in supermarkets; even the fast food chains offer healthier options. Obesity and other diet related problems, like diabetes, cost the tax the payer and there is much more awareness surrounding this issue.

I love watching all of the reality cooking shows and I think its great to be a ‘foodie’ but upping ones awareness of what foods do what for our system isn’t addressed enough in these forums. Some of the desserts and cream sauces could block the most robust arteries.

I get it if you ‘live to eat’, but think we should educate ourselves on the nutritional facts about foods. I do the 80/20 lifestyle. 80% healthy conscious eating and 20% ‘treats’. Even a 60/40 leaves you way ahead of the pack.

What are your thoughts on the future of cosmetic surgery?

As I mentioned, the American media and reality TV shows have encouraged our young Aussie girls to mimic their overdone looks. I do believe it will come full circle and our gorgeous, earthy, free spirited girls will once again embrace their natural beauty, but with more awareness and how to look after and protect their skin. Being conscious of what is anti-ageing is smart and I think the rising trend for non-invasive and subtle treatments will only stimulate the industry to provide better and better treatments. It’s very exciting to imagine.

How compelling is preventative versus corrective?

As Benjamin Franklin quoted: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We can assist our skin by stimulating collagen and elastin with peels, ant-aging machines and topical skin regimes. We can help slow down the ageing process internally by putting the right food in our system and we can soften our frown lines by working on our stress levels.

The longer we can resist doing anything corrective the better in my mind.

Is there any bit of advice that you would give to younger people on looking after themselves?

It’s a wonderful thing to be aware of your mind, body and spirit when you’re younger instead of undoing years of toxic foods, thought & behaviour. Having awareness is all you really need, but having fun is the mot important thing. Not getting too caught up, but knowing the difference between good and bad. Enjoying some fast food, an ice cream, whatever it is, but making sure that about 85% of your intake is clean and wholesome.

I believe that meditation should be taught in our schools. Anxiety runs deep in kids from life pressures and tends to accelerate when they are under the pressures of school. The pressures of life and school clearly won’t go away but having the ability to deal with these things from a younger age will help not set up anxiety and stress patterns that are harder to break as an adult. I can tell you from experience.

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