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The Me Clinic has Breast Surgery clinics in Melbourne, Sydney and Mildura. As a national cosmetic surgery group we have over 35 years of Cosmetic Surgery experience.

At Me Clinic, we perform a a range of Breast Surgery procedures. These range from Breast Augmentation through to Breast Reduction, Breast Lift and several others. The most common procedure we perform is Breast Augmentation with Breast Implants (technically known as Augmentation Mammoplasty). However, most people know it by the more common name of ‘ Boob Job’ or Breast Enlargement.


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Why Consider Breast Surgery?

  • Restoring or replacing volume and aesthetic appeal after pregnancy (breast feeding), weight loss, general ageing and health related issues such as breast cancer
  • Achieving a more symmetrical and proportionate look
  • Enlargement to increase the size of the breasts for better proportion and shape
  • Lifting sagging or drooping breasts caused by volume loss, genetics, loss of skin elasticity or general ageing
  • Reducing breast size because size/weight can causes posture and other health related issues
  • Removing and replacing breast implants
  • Correcting previous breast surgery

We have surgical options that are tailored for your requirements.

Your Surgical Options

Breast Augmentation with Implants or Breast Enhancement with Fat Transfer

This surgery can:

  • Restore volume and shape to breasts
  • Achieve symmetry and proportion
  • Enlarge or enhance breast size and shape

Your Me Clinic Cosmetic Surgeon will recommend which procedure is suitable for you, your body, your circumstances and requirements. They will discuss with you what choices you have with different types of breast implants, the benefits of each type and how they can help you achieve the look you want.

No matter what type of implant you choose, it is important that you are aware of the benefits of each and how they can help you achieve the look you want. In all of our Breast Surgery clinics we can provide you with a choice between saline or silicone implants and round or tear drop implants. All of these implants are safe and have benefited from years of technical advancements.


This 32 year old women was seeking an increase in size from an A cup to a full C to D cup.


This was achieve by using 280cc round high profile silicone implants placed in front of the pectoral muscle.

Image – Breast Augmentation

Scarless Breast Lift

The Me Clinic has pioneered the ‘Scarless Breast Lift’ since the early 2000’s. This revolutionary procedure involves making a small incision in the armpit and performing an exclusive procedure only used by our Surgeons, which encourages collagen formation to assists the breasts to lift significantly with no visible scarring. The ‘Scarless Breast Lift’ technique is unique to the Me Clinic.

If there excess skin and extensive sagging a Traditional Breast Lift may be more suitable.


This 35 year old female had lost approx 12 kgs from diet and exercise. She wanted us to treat her problem areas that did not respond to her healthy lifestyle. She also wanted us to correct her sagging breasts with no scars.


We performed liposuction to the Abdomen, Back, Inner Thighs and also a Scarless Breast Lift. She was very happy with her new body shape and the results of the Scarless Breast Lift.

Image – Scarless Breast Lift

Breast Reduction by Liposuction and Traditional Breast Reduction

This surgery can:

  • Reduce breast size
  • Reshape breast
  • Reposition areola and nipple
  • Correct breast assymetry or irregular shape breasts


Your Me Clinic Cosmetic Surgeon will explain each procedure and recommend which is the most suitable for you.


This 38 year old mum suffered with neck and back pain caused by heavy breasts.


The patient was very pleased with the results obtain, she was pre surgery a F/G cup and post surgery a DD.

Image – Breast Reduction by Liposuction

Breast Implant Revision and Corrective Surgery

This surgery can:

  • Replace unsuitable or mismatched implants
  • Replace implants that have encapsulated (body has rejected implants)
  • Revise previous unsatisfactory surgery
  • Correct breast assymetry or irregular shape breasts


This 24 year old women presented with assymetrical and large sagging breasts.


Liposuction to the breast was performed to reduce the size of the breast and make the breasts more symmetrical.

Image – Corrective Breast Surgery

At the Me Clinic we, understand this can be distressing for patients. Through an extensive consultation process, our Surgeons will familiarise themselves with your circumstances, your requirements and your expectations. Based on these, they will make recommendations to ensure that your Breast Implant Revision and Corrective Surgery fulfills your expectations.

Why choose the Me Clinic?

No matter what surgical option you choose, the Me Clinic has Breast Surgery experts in its clinics in Melbourne and Sydney that can explain all your options. We have over 35 years of Cosmetic Surgery experience and have performed thousands of Breast Surgeries throughout our growing number of clinics.

Where can I have my breast surgery?

As a global brand you will benefit from our international connections and the knowledge that we bring into Australia as well as export all over the world, with new innovative techniques such as our ‘Scarless Breast Lift’.

You can have breast surgery in Melbourne, Sydney clinics. All our Cosmetic Surgeons, combined, have performed thousands of breast augmentation surgery procedures in the last 35 years.

Our expert breast surgery practitioners

Dr Ashley Granot

Dr Ashley has over 35 years of Cosmetic Surgery experience and is regarded as one of the leading Cosmetic Surgeons in Australia. Read more

We perform the following Breast Surgery Melbourne procedures

Breast Implants Melbourne

Women consider a Breast Augmentation procedure for a variety of reasons, from a simple size increase to restoring the size and shape of breasts affected by age, breastfeeding, genetics or breast asymmetry.

The procedure is not only about enhancing your breast size but also your shape and contour. The size and shape varies depending on your needs and the result you are looking for.

The right size and shape implants can give your body a more proportional and balanced appearance.

More about Breast Implants Melbourne

Breast Augmentation Through Fat Transfer

As an option to Breast Augmentation using implants, many of our patients consider a Fat Transfer to enhance or increase their breast size.

Fat is naturally occurring and the addition of the patients own fat complements the existing fat in the breasts and when transferred and grafted it provides a natural feeling and looking volume and shape change.

More about Breast Augmentation Through Fat Transfer

Breast Augmentation Through Fat Transfer With A Vacuum Bra

With our Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer procedures patients have the option to combine the procedure with Vacuum Bras for naturally larger and fuller breasts…

More about Breast Augmentation Through Fat Transfer With A Vacuum Bra

Breast Augmentation Without Implants

The experts at Me Clinic can augment the shape of your breasts without the need for implants. Learn more about breast augmentation without implants today.

More about Breast Augmentation Without Implants

Breast Reduction Melbourne

Deciding to undergo a breast reduction procedure is a significant step for any woman.

Some women find that very large and heavy breasts cause them pain and physical difficulty while some have confidence issues, and others find their breasts restricting or limiting for sports and other activities they wish to do.

More about Breast Reduction Melbourne

Breast Implant Revision

We are approached by many patients who have had breast surgery elsewhere and particularly from overseas breast surgery cases where patients are unhappy with the results of their Breast Augmentation Surgery.

Often the the wrong type of implant or the wrong shape implants have been used, or the implants are too big or too small.

More about Breast Implant Revision

Scarless Breast Lift Melbourne

Dr. Ashley Granot and the Me Clinic pioneered this revolutionary procedure in the early 2000’s.

It involves making a small incision in the armpit and applying an exclusive procedure only used by surgeons at the Me Clinic which encourages collagen formation which assists the breasts to lift significantly with no scarring.

More about Scarless Breast Lift Melbourne

Breast Lift Melbourne

This procedure involves the removal of excess skin around the areola and nipple and often it requires removal of the excess skin from underneath the breast.

This procedure causes the breast to lift significantly and also repositions the nipple and the areola.

More about Breast Lift Melbourne

Breast Lift With Implants

Refresh your breasts and confidence with a breast lift with implants performed by the Cosmetic Surgery experts at Me Clinic. Learn more about this today.

More about Breast Lift With Implants

Breast Lift Without Implants

Want to reshape your breasts, but do not like the idea of foreign objects in your body? A breast lift without implants from Me Clinic can help. Improve your look today!

More about Breast Lift Without Implants

Breast Reduction & Lift

Find comfort and confidence by turning your large or sagging breasts into firm and perky breasts with a breast reduction and lift from Me Clinic. Read on.

More about Breast Reduction & Lift

Breast Asymmetry Correction

Restore confidence with Me Clinic’s breast asymmetry correction procedure. Achieve fuller, firmer & more even looking breasts today. Read on for more information.

More about Breast Asymmetry Correction

Breast Implant Removal & Replacement

A breast implant revision can correct complications that may have occurred with your previous breast implants. Me Clinic can help with the removal or replacement of these implants.

More about Breast Implant Removal & Replacement

Breast Reduction by Liposuction

Issues with pain from large or sagging breasts? Me Clinic’s breast reduction using liposuction offers a low-impact, fast solution. Read on to learn more.

More about Breast Reduction by Liposuction

Surgical Warning: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.
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