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What does the Treatment involve?

All clients require a consultation for half an hour prior to the treatment. This ensures they are a suitable candidate and to discuss the most effective tattoo method for their skin type. All cosmetic tattooing treatments require two sessions that are spaced 4 - 6 weeks apart, giving the skin ample time to heal. These sessions are approximately 1 hour 45mins each. The two appointments ensure your cosmetic tattoo is of the highest standard.

Cosmetic Tattoo Techniques for Eyebrows


The Ombre' technique is a gradient of colour from light to dark monochromatically through the brow. The Ombre' technique is great for women that love to wear make up on their brows each day and love a sharp perfected looking arch. This method of tattooing is also great for clients who are forever needing 'top ups' of colour on their microblading ( feathering ) because of fading and blurring of hair strokes due to oily, thick skin and the desire to achieve an even spread of colour without any gaps.

Powder / Shading

It is important to not get the Powder / Shading technique confused with the old school “Block” tattoo. This new modernised technique involves pixilating the pigment to mimic a shadow and shading of the brows so soft that it looks like you are wearing a brow powder through your brows. A great technique for women who want something a little more dramatic and longer lasting than hair strokes. Women who are used to wearing a fuller make up look each day and filling in and over drawing their brows will prefer this method over microblading ( feathering ).

Microblading ( Feathering )

The most topical and natural looking form of eyebrow tattooing available. A great place to start for women who don't wear a lot of make up and are lacking natural brow hairs. Each individual hair stoke is placed into the skin to replicate natural hair growth. This method uses a hand held tool and requires a colour refresh every 6 - 12 months.

Combination Brow

A combination brow is when we combine Microblading with Shading. The desired outcome is a fluffy natural looking brow with soft shading placed throughout the middle of the brow for a more 3D effect. Great for women who don't want to start with a full spread of colour throughout the brow but ease into the look of a fuller thicker brow, something they didn't have before the tattoo.

Is the Process Painful?

No, A Topical Anaesthetic is applied prior to the treatment to numb the area. An additional numbing gel is then continually applied throughout the treatment to make the process as comfortable as possible. Patients describe it as a light scratching sensation and may experience the odd sting throughout the treatment.

How long does it last?

Depending on the style of tattoo you decided on, your skin type, lifestyle and environmental factors will all play a part in how long you can expect a treatment to last. Our therapist will give you an indication once they meet you in person and assess your skin type and lifestyle. To keep your brows looking fresh we find on average most of our clients require a Colour Enhancement at 6 - 12 months for Microblading and 12 – 18 months for other tattoo methods.

What if I don’t like it?

Prior to the treatment we schedule a consultation for the patient to meet with Shea and have all questions and concerns answered. Brow style, shape, method and aftercare are all discussed in depth prior to booking an appointment for the tattoo treatment. You will know what your brows will look like before the treatment begins as you will be shown many before and after photos of her work and have a very clear understanding of what to expect during the treatment, once you leave, how to care for your tattoo at home and how they will look long term. Shea takes a very conservative approach in the fist session of tattooing and lets the client adjust to seeing their new brows. Once you have got used to the new shape and colour, it is during the second session that in consultation with you that Shea will add and enhance as much or as little as you desire.

What if I want a certain type of brow shape?

We advise professionally, but the shape and style is to be approved by you before the process begins. We don’t do anything without your consent and approval first.

How many treatments are needed?

All cosmetic tattooing treatments require two sessions that are spaced 4 - 6 weeks apart, giving the skin ample time to heal. These sessions are approximately 1 hr 45mins each. The two appointments ensure your cosmetic tattoo is of the highest standard.

What is the aftercare and maintenance?

We provide you with a detailed after care sheet and home care instructions on what to expect during the week after your treatment and we provide you with the cream we recommend you use on your new tattoo.

What type of products and pigments are used?

The pigments and products that we use are of the highest quality and standard. All consumables are one time use, disposable items. Exceptional hygiene standards are met at all times.

Is there a down time after the treatment?

The brows will appear up to 30%- 40% darker in colour and up to 15% larger immediately after treatment. This will settle down as soon as the brows begin to heal within the first 7 days. People can resume work immediately after treatment.

We recommend patients have monthly brow wax maintenance to keep their brow shape maintained.Please contact the Me Clinic. We have over 30 years of Cosmetic Medicine experience to share with you. We ensure you will be fully informed and understand your options before commencing any treatment. Shea also offers a range of other lash, brow and cosmetic tattoo treatments.

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    Shea is our Permanent Makeup Aesthetic Practitioner, specializing in cosmetic tattooing and creating natural looking brows, lips and eyeliner.
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