Dr Ashley Granot on the Footy Show

Dr Ashley Granot appears on the Footy Show

Source: Herald Sun

FOOTY Show clown Sam Newman is an ignorant “throwback” who needs to grow up after having Botox injected live on air, psychologists say.

Cosmetic surgeon Ashley Granot treated Newman, who had arrived on stage in a hospital gown with nothing underneath.

Dr Granot injected two vials of Botox, using large needles, into either side of the former Geelong star’s forehead.

“I put in about 10 units,” he said. “It takes anywhere between two and 10 days (to work).”

Viewers should find out on tonight’s show whether the Botox injections worked.

Adolescent psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg said it was time Newman grew up.

“If you want your role models to be binge drinking, sexist, ignorant narcissists he is perfect. He is a throwback to an era when men took pride in having an emotional IQ equivalent to his shoe size,” he said.

“I think many Victorians are tired of Sam’s publicity stunts.”

Family psychologist Dr Janet Hall said Newman was perpetuating the message that money could buy youth and good looks.

“This of course is shallow and materialistic,” she said. “It’s also misleading because one Botox doesn’t maketh the face beautiful.”

Channel 9 staff say Newman makes no secret of having had plastic surgery before. But they said until last week he hadn’t had Botox.

Newman consulted Dr Granot before the show to ensure he was suitable and to learn of possible side effects……….

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