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Dr Ashley Granot is a cosmetic surgeon at the Me Clinic @ Malvern East.

Leader Newspaper

A COSMETIC surgeon with more than two decades' experience says there was "no question" demand for cosmetic procedures had increased - and not just for women.

Dr Ashley Granot said cosmetic surgery was frowned upon when he performed his first liposuction procedure in 1985.

''Some procedures were rough and considered vain,'' he said.

''But that has changed dramatically. There's more availability, people are researching and seeing what's available.

''But it's as much about prevention as it is about treatment.''

Dr Granot said surgery for the correction of male breasts, was becoming a popular choice for men conscious of their chest.

''It allows them to take their shirts off, they are not afraid to go swimming anymore,'' Dr Granot said.

''The same applies to the female procedure. It alleviates a lot of their anxiety and issues."

Dr Granot said there were two sides to cosmetic surgery, invasive and non-invasive.

''There's no doubt that the non-invasive approach has increased exponentially,'' he said.

''We feel that we treat patients with respect and listen to what they have to say and try to view it from their approach.

''We explain to them their options and the ramifications of those different approaches and in some cases, it's no treatment at all. The patient deserves the best that's available.''

Dr Granot opened a dedicated cosmetic centre in Camberwell in the early 1990s, known as Ashbury Vein Centre.

It later became The Ashley Centre and in 2000, he moved the business to Malvern East, where it has recently changed to The Me Clinic.

Dr Granot said he started his medical career as a family physician and spent years studying in the United States and Europe, with a focus on nutrition and environmental medicine.

He said after more than 25 years in the industry he had noticed a big difference in people's perception of cosmetic surgery.

Dr Granot said The Me Clinic was an alliance of the leading and most experienced Australian and United States surgeons.

The company's code of ethics included ''responsible cosmetic surgery'' and ''responsible cosmetic medicine'', which valued holistic, preventive and less invasive procedures.

Source: The Leader Newspaper

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