Why butt surgery is on the rise in Australia

Dr Ashley Granot – Talks to Kimberly Gillan from Health & Well being about butt surgery and labiaplasty

Curvy celebrities like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez appear to have inspired a spike in requests for a bigger, firmer or rounder butt.

US statistics were released yesterday showing a 58 percent increase in the number of buttock augmentations last year and interest here seems to be picking up too.

Dr Ashley Granot, a cosmetic surgeon from the Me Clinic, told ninemsn there had been a spike in requests at his Melbourne surgery.

“Five years ago, nobody mentioned it, but now we get asked about it at least every week or two,” he said.

“We generally lag behind what happens in the US. They are at the forefront of major changes because of their celebrity culture.”

Dr Granot said women are his main butt surgery clients, but that he gets requesting from men too.

“Women tend to bring in pictures of celebrities, whereas men just say they want a larger gluteous maximus – they are usually into the gym and body building,” he said.

Dr Granot favours a fat transfer technique, where surgeons remove fat from one part of the body using liposuction, then transplant it to another area.

The other alternative is implants. But they carry more risks, such as scarring, infection and bleeding.

“Fat is more natural and safer,” Dr Granot said.

“You would go for an implant if you don’t have enough fat, for instance body builders who have almost no fat and can’t increase the size of their bottom by exercise.”

Trish Hammond, general manager of the Plastic Surgery Hub, which provides independent information about plastic surgery in Australia, told ninemsn she is getting more and more enquiries about butt surgery.

“It’s a growing trend, particularly with the fat transfer option,” she said.

“Fat is like liquid gold these days – there is so much you can do with it.”

Labiaplasty on the rise too

In 2013, rates of women altering their labia grew by 44 percent in the US, and Dr Granot said he performs hundreds of procedures every year.

“There are a number of reasons why women want it – they don’t like the look, the labia are uncomfortable, or they get in the way of their clothes,” he said.

“Our patients complain about chafing from clothes or during sex or bike-riding, or their labia pops out of their underwear.”

Dr Granot said 40 percent of his patients have the procedure for cosmetic reasons and 60 percent have physical problems.

“Of those who don’t like the look, at least 50 percent also have other symptoms,” he said.

Other plastic surgery trends

In the US, overall plastic surgery rates have increased by 6.5 percent.

Australians spend $644.7 million a year on cosmetic surgery.

Dr Granot said liposuction and breast augmentation remained the most popular surgeries in Australia.

Hammond said the biggest trend she has noticed is body contouring, where a number of techniques, such as a breast augmentation and liposuction, are combined.

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