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June 2015 Newsletter

free consultations for june
mike talks about lip enhancement
breast reduction - a patients experience
anti ageing with michelle

May 2015 Newsletter

happy mother's day
dr tony pre winter offer
tottie & anti ageing
labioplasty with dr ashley

April 2015 Newsletter

Highlights: happy easter from the me clinic
Treatment of the month: leg veins with dr ahmed
In the media: judith lucy and dr ashley
Hot topic: facelift Q&A with dr tony

March 2015 Newsletter

Highlights: Me Clinic is undergoing a facelift
Product of the month: Factor4 - Anti-ageing
Treatments/Procedures: Hair removal for darker skin
Hot topic: Is liposuction right for you?


February 2015 Newsletter

Highlights: Valentine's Day offer
Product of the month: Preventative Cosmetic Medicine
Treatments/Procedures: Cosmetic ear surgery
Hot topic: Tottie's summer skin tips

January 2015 Newsletter

Highlights: New Year's resolution
Product of the month: 5 steps to younger skin
Treatments/Procedures: Laser skin rejuventation
Hot topic: Free consultations in January 2015

December 2014 Newsletter

Highlights: Me Clinic celebrates the Christmas season
Product of the month: Tips for summer skin survival
Treatments/Procedures: Breast Augmenntation
Hot topic: Value Vs Cost in cosmetic surgery

November 2014 Newsletter

Highlights: Meet our Oaks Day winner
Product of the month: The Me Clinic Shop
Treatments/Procedures: Breast Augmenntation Tips, Affordable Laser & Beauty Treatments
Hot topic: 5 tips in 5 minutes with Mike Clague

October 2014 Newsletter

Highlights: Me Clinic & Moss & Spy Fashion night
Product of the month: The Me Clinic Shop
Treatments/Procedures: Laser Skin Rejuvenation
Hot topic: Dress for your Body Type

September 2014 Newsletter

Highlights: Me Clinic interviews Emma Jade
Product of the month: The Me Clinic Shop
Treatments/Procedures: Liposcuction for Guys,  Labioplasty
Hot topic: It's all about you at the Me Clinic!

August 2014 Newsletter

Highlights: Meet our new Ambassador Tottie Goldsmith Part 2
Product of the month: Cosmedix Benefit & Clean & Cosmeix Benefit Balance
Treatments/Procedures: Eye Area Surgery, Mole Removal
Hot topic: It's all about you at the Me Clinic!

July 2014 Newsletter

Highlights: Meet our new Ambassador Tottie Goldsmith
Product of the month: Ultimate Eye Lift System
Treatments/Procedures: Body hair removal for Men, Cosmetic nose surgery
Hot topic: 5 reasons NOT to consider overseas surgery


June 2014 Newsletter

Highlights: Win tickets to the King & I
Product of the month: Get fuller lips with TNS Lip Pump System
Treatments/Procedures: Neck Skin Tightening, Me Clinic scalress procedures
Hot topic: Dr Ashley Granot - Pioneer of the Scarless Breast Lift


May 2014 Newsletter

Highlights: An Autumn offer to reverse sun damage
Product of the month: SkinMedica sunscreen
Treatments/Procedures: Non-invasive face lift, Breast augmentation, Fraxel laser explained and 5 minutes with Dr Ahmed
Hot topic: Me Clinic opens in sunny California


April 2014 Newsletter

Highlights: A Mother's Day gift valued at almost $800 for $399!
Product of the month: Me Clinic gift card for Mother's Day | TNS Essential Serum
Treatments/Procedures: Liposcution, Anti-agening, Varicose veins and more
Hot topic: Meet Carly our skin asthetician



December 2013 - Christmas

Highlights: $99 monthly VIP program
Product of the month: The eyes have it. Read more about improving your facial area around your eyes
Treatments/Procedures: My surgical journey - a patient tells their story
Hot topic: 3 myths about Botox



November 2013 Newsletter

Highlights: Summer bathing beauty gift pack
Product of the month: Visible effects makeup
Treatments/Procedures: Liposuction, Man boobs, Crows feet and Dermal fillers






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