Lisa's liposuction story

Lisa visited us at Me Clinic because she wanted to reduce fat in two keys areas of her body.
Concerned about the shape of her abdomen and thighs, she wanted a flatter stomach and to reduce
the bulging that was most prominent on her outer upper thighs, or ‘saddle bags.’

Like many of our patients, Lisa heard that liposuction could help permanently remove fat in a very
targeted way. She had exercised and followed a healthy diet for for some time in an effort to reduce fat in those areas

Despite building muscle and reducing her weight overall she had not been successful in losing the fat she had on her stomach and legs. She was seeking a slimmer silhouette, especially when she wore tailored pants.

Lisa was a good candidate to undergo liposuction becuase she had been maintaining a healthy weight and was physically active; despite her work in a desk-based environment.

Lisa had liposuction in our Melbourne clinic to sculpt her stomach and thighs. The result of this procedure for Lisa was a slimmer midsection and a more proportionate body shape overall. She was pleased that her once pear-shaped figure had been transformed into a shapely hourglass figure.

After her procedure she was very happy with how she looked in a bathing suit. Instead of long tankinis she was now confident wearing bikinis.

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After photos of Lisa:

Our before and after images:

  • Liposuction

    Lisa had always had a womanly shape, but no matter how much she exercised, and how well she ate, she couldn’t lose weight around her thighs and stomach.

  • Liposuction

    Lisa couldn’t believe the difference Liposuction made to her confidence and the way she felt about her body. She could see her abdominal muscles, and her legs finally looked toned and fit. The result was completely natural, and it gave Lisa a body she was proud of.


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    *Individual results may vary

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