How To Remove A Mole

Mole removal is a very common cosmetic procedure. This treatment can be performed using laser technology, cryotherapy, RF shave or surgical excision,  you can trust that Me Clinic surgeons know how to remove moles for the best possible patient outcomes.

Surgical Warning: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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The best ways to remove a mole

A harmless (benign) mole doesn’t need to be removed. However, if the benign mole is unsightly and makes a person self-conscious, cosmetic mole removal can be performed by a Me Clinic doctor. There are simple treatment options available that can be comfortably performed using local anaesthetic. Mole removal methods include:

  • Aura Laser Mole Removal where dark pigment in flat moles becomes significantly lighter.
  • Scarless Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen for a cold burn that kills skin cells.
  • Electro Surgery Radiofrequency (RF) Treatment that targets and kills mole cells.
  • Surgical Excision to cut the entire mole away (will leave a scar)

Is your skin suitable for laser mole removal?

Cosmetic mole removal can be a transforming experience. Your Me Clinic doctor can discuss accessibility, along with an evaluation of your moles, skin lesions, scabs, skin tag removal, or anything suspicious. Being proactive about preventing melanoma skin cancer is important for your health, particularly if:

  • You have fair skin.
  • You have many moles on your body or face.
  • Your family members have moles, atypical moles, or a history of skin cancer.

You can trust a Me Clinic doctor with your mole removal treatment from the initial consultation through to aftercare and follow-up.

Everything you need to know about removing moles

There are several different methods used to remove moles. Many Me Clinic patients choose radiofrequency shave treatment to safely remove moles. This method is fast, almost painless, and has great healing potential. Here is how it works.

  • A precision handpiece uses radiofrequency waves.
  • This hand piece glides through lesion tissue and cuts the mole away.
  • The patient feels no pressure and there is natural healing (cauterisation).
  • The temperature is slowly increased to eradicate all unwanted skin cells.
  • The radio waves shrink and destroy the mole’s cellular tissue.
  • The treated area is automatically sealed, with little or no bleeding, and very few side effects.
  • After treatment, a superficial scab will form and then fall off within a few days.
  • Any discolouration of the treated area will usually fade to normal skin colour over time.

Cosmetic mole removal options

Mole removal options can be discussed during your initial Me Clinic consultation. There are several mole removal procedures commonly used by healthcare professionals to get rid of unwanted moles and skin growths. Mole removal is an outpatient procedure where you go home the same day.

Your doctor will advise the best treatment pathway. Some skin tags, lesions and benign warts can be frozen off completely and easily using cryotherapy. In some cases where a mole looks suspicious, surgical excision may be recommended, depending on the result of a lab biopsy test. In most cases,rf shave  is very effective at removing raised moles and other skin lesions with very little scarring.

Radiofrequency treatment is performed without the need for a scalpel or stitching. Healing is quick with virtually no bruising or swelling. A dressing and topical cream are required for only a brief period and the treated area will generally heal within 2 to 10 days. Skin in the treated area will usually fade to normal skin tone over time. Follow all Me Clinic medical advice during recovery.


This patient sought removal options for a mole on their cheek.


The mole was removed via radio frequency shave technique.

Performed By: Dr Ahmed Omarjee (MED0001186584)

Reasons why a mole may need to be removed

Most moles are usually harmless, but your doctor may recommend the removal of a suspicious-looking mole. Unsightly moles are also removed for cosmetic reasons using a range of non-invasive surgical procedures performed at Me Clinic.

Laser mole removal is generally recommended if the mole is being removed for cosmetic reasons. Your Me Clinic doctor will choose the most appropriate laser technology depending on the mole. State-of-the-art lasers used include IPL (Intense Pulse Light), KTP (potassium titanyl phosphate) or ND-Yag lasers. These lasers emit specific wavelengths of light to precisely target certain skin pigments. The laser heat energy cauterises and seals the wound.

If you are thinking about having a mole removed, contact Me Clinic. We have clinics in Melbourne, Sydney, and regional areas staffed by some of Australia’s best skincare doctors, cosmetic surgeons, and plastic surgeons.

When to see a doctor/dermatologist

Moles can change over time, so you should periodically inspect your moles or have someone check them for you. Use the ABCDE method to inspect your moles. If you are concerned about a mole displaying any of the signs listed below, have it checked by an expert.

Asymmetry – One half of the mole doesn’t match the other half.

Border – The border of the mole is blurred or irregular looking.

Colour – The mole displays multiple colour pigments.

Diameter – A big mole with a diameter larger than a pencil eraser.

Elevation/Evolution – The mole becomes raised or changes shape over time.

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Some mole removal techniques such as surgical excision will leave a scar. Most patients prefer laser or radiofrequency mole removal with no incisions required.

The cost is calculated on surgical fees, anaesthesia fees, facility fees, consultation fees, post-operative care, and other associated costs. With Me Clinic you will be given an accurate cost breakdown with no hidden fees during the consultation stage.

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