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Patient story - Rowena



"It's true to say i'm in love with my new brows."


"I run my own business, so finding time every fortnight to visit a salon and have my eyebrows waxed, tinted and growth serum applied is a challenge.


Generally, it's left to last minute, and around 6 weeks I visit the salon, where my therapist shrieks and asks where I've been, and then demands I return back every fortnight. I just don't know how anyone has the time to do all this."


"About a month ago I ran into an old friend and commented on her immaculate brows. She had been to see Anthea at Me Clinic and told me about Anthea's Feather Touch Brow treatments." 


"Anything that can save me time is a godsend and if it makes me look good too; well that's a huge plus." 


"I went in for a consultation and met the lovely Anthea, who measured aspects of my face and drew on the shape that my natural brow should take. We talked about size and length of my brows and I booked my treatment on the spot. 


I've now had my first treatment and am ready for my second. In two weeks I've had a total of 8 compliments and saved myself 3.5 hours of drawing on brows!


So, it is true to say I'm in love with my new brows."


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