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"I reached the mature age of 63 and felt happy with my fitness level and the strength and shape of my body. I have always kept active and balanced my lifestyle with healthy eating, plenty of sleep and lots of laughter, but I was unhappy with my face.



My jowls, my loose neck and very drooping eyes. No amount of exercise could fix that.


I looked into what kind of cosmetic surgery would suit my situation and decided on a Lower Face Lift and Neck lift, as I didn't feel I needed a whole face lift.

At the same time I decided to have an Upper Blepharoplasty (Upper Eyelid area lift) because for someone who laughs a lot, I looked quite sad. The results were amazing and I felt like I had gained 15 years.


Since early childhood I had spent a lot of time in the sun and had developed quite bad sun damage to my face. Keratoses formed (from which any kind of skin cancer can develop) which made my skin feel like sandpaper and many patches of dark pigmentation appeared over the years.


A Co2 Deep FX Laser treatment was recommended, which treated my fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage and the big bonus is it produces additional collagen. After healing I had beautifully soft , smooth skin with very few wrinkles.


I am very happy with the results and many friends have commented on how wonderful I look, without knowing or guessing I have had anything done!"

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